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clear the confusion between FrSky transmitter X9D Plus SE 2019 and X9D Plus SE

This is going to be the third and last part of the recommended battery series for FrSky X9D Plus SE 2019 Transmitter. I know we have dragged it too much. So I want to end this series and come up with some Modifications or DIY for your favorite FrSky transmitter soon. However, don’t get confused with […]

Chemical Products Omeprazole Safety Information

CAS No:73590-58-6 Formula:C17H19N3O3S Synonyms:Losec;Mopral China Export:From 2018.11 to 2019.11, total export volume of Omeprazole from China was 99,860,829KG while total export value was $1,973,802,887. The biggest proportion of exporting volume in the last 12 months was 10.61% in 2019.05. Chemical Products Omeprazole Description Omeprazole(Prilosec) is a proton pump inhibitor used in the treatment of dyspepsia.Target: […]

see what the new radio from FrSky X9D offers us

In the last article, we discussed how frsky x9d became the de facto choice of RC for some time, until it was replaced or upgraded by the version of frsky x9d plus. Well, frsky has managed to upgrade the model again to offer users with the special edition of frsky x9d with a few upgrades […]

let’s look at 10 of the largest chemical companies in the world

When someone mentions a chemical company, you may think of industrial compounds that you have never used in your daily life. However, many chemical companies also produce a variety of common household goods, such as plastic bags and garden fertilizer. With so many products to produce, some chemical companies can make amazing money at the […]

Frsky RC is progressing very quickly

Frsky RC is a fairly new company since its establishment. Recently, due to the rapid development of electronic research, it was founded in 2010. As a company focusing on the research and development of electronic components, frsky RC is one of the most famous companies dedicated to radio control equipment, production of controllers (transmitters) and […]

In the U.S. there are 170 major chemical companies, they operate all over the world

There are 170 large chemical companies in the United States. They have operations all over the world, with more than 2800 factories outside the United States and 1700 subsidiaries or subsidiaries overseas. Chemical production in the United States is $750 billion a year. American industry has a huge trade surplus, employing more than 1 million […]

The latest FrSky X9D Plus 2019 and X9D Plus SE 2019 versions don’t support 3S voltage input

In the last article, which was part 1 of our set out to find which battery (2S or 3S) will last longer in FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE. We concluded the last article by defining and understanding some terms related to batteries and electronics. So it is time to find out if a 3S battery […]

the Consumers of the Chemicals Products Sector

Chemicals products are used in a variety of different industries, including automobiles, manufacturing and industrial operations. Many chemical companies process raw materials such as crude oil into more refined products for use throughout the economy. In fact, the industry accounts for about 12% of U.S. manufacturing. Polymers and plastics The products produced by chemical industry […]

The same procedure should apply to most Frsky rc transmitter and rc receiver

Binding procedure is the first step that you just need to do after you are building your drone or you received a bnf (bind and fly) drone that is specially done for only bind and configure.. This procedure between the rc transmitter and rc receiver is for start controlling the drone. Now I’m going to […]

chemical manufacturer use they produced themselves as an input in their specialty chemicals

The chemical industry consists of companies that manufacture and / or distribute chemicals. The products produced by chemical manufacturer are usually used as intermediate products of their industrial finished products. Therefore, the chemical industry is very important to almost all modern industries today, especially transportation, electronics, aerospace, consumer goods, medical and agricultural industries, and various […]