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Uganda’s Safari Is a Suitable Place for Wildlife

Surrounded by thick forests all around, there are some such creatures present in this national park which you will not see anywhere. This national park of Uganda is in the lap of nature. This national park is the choice of every wild watcher. Located on the border of Kenya-Tanzania, this national park comes at number […]

Kidepo Valley National Park is a semi bone-dry region of Africa

Nestled in the wild frontier region of the Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is clearly the most disconnected national park in Uganda yet stands apart to be a standout amongst other virgin places each wildlife watcher can ever visit in Uganda. This virgin national park is without a doubt among the best wilderness areas in […]

Adventures safari hotspot in Kenya

Whether you say it ‘Ken-ya’ or ‘Keen-ya’, one form is without a doubt: Kenya consistently positions as one of Africa’s most prominent safari destinations. A normal of 80 000 people per month from over the globe visit this differing nation consistently – a large number of safari goers are lucky enough to see the shocking […]

The best African safaris for any voyager

We have listed the best african safari trips from canada to suit every explorer, regardless of whether it is your 1st or 3rd time in Africa, or whether you’re going on a financial limit or in extravagance.   Safari means ‘long voyage’ in Swahili. Today, safari-goers can bypass the arduous up-nation trek of yesteryear and […]