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How to Apply for a Personal Loan for Chartered Accountants?

Personal loans are one of the most popular short-term loans available in the Indian financial market. The total amount of advances at the end of the fiscal year 2018 reached Rs. 5,76,600 Crore, witnessing a 20.4% increase between 2017 and 2018. These types of loans have become increasingly popular amongst salaried professionals. A growing number […]

5 Myths About Personal Loan for Salaried Engineers

Personal loans account for 96% of the total lending market in India. It grew at a rate of 20.4% between February 2017 and 2018. The total amount of such loans stands at Rs. 576,600 Crore at the end of the fiscal year 2018. Despite their popularity and availability plenty of incorrect information and myths surround […]

What is a Doctor Loan and How to Calculate its EMI Easily?

A loan for doctors is a financial product tailor-made to meet the unique monetary requirement of healthcare professionals. Several financial institutions across the country offer such credits. Affordable¬†doctor loan interest rates, easy availability, flexible repayment tenor, and various other features and benefits make it an attractive mode of finance to meet their unique personal and […]