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Top Trends Affecting The Trucking Industry In 2022

Professional truck services are an essential and integral part of American businesses and individuals. Each stakeholder in freight transportation management is susceptible to trends affecting the trucking industry. They are mainly concerned about the safety of the trucking services in transporting goods and materials. During the pandemic, this dependence has increased manyfold and the current […]

What Are The Major Roles Of Technology In Trucking?

Innovation and Technology are at the core of every business and the same applies to the trucking industry. For the successful working of your company, you should consider the different roles of technology in trucking as important. With every business getting digitized so why not opt for it? Innovation in the trucking industry is at […]

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Truck Rental Company

Moving physical goods or things is a tedious process. This is where you have to avail services of a truck rental company. But there are some serious questions to ask before hiring a truck rental company, and you will get to know more about it further down this article. Agg Connect is the best trucking company in […]

Why You Should Work With Agg Connect?

  Wondering which truck rental service to hire? Look no further as you are at the right place. Agg Connect is the best truck rental company in Indiana and that is why you should work with Agg Connect. Agg Connect offers a host of suites to Contractors, Haulers, Owner Operators, and Fleet Managers, and unify them on […]