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What is the importance of car battery?

Battery is a vital part of every vehicle; it generates and supply power to the engine. Maintenance of car requires special attention to the battery that pimps energy to your car. In order to make the battery last longer you need an optimum temperature. For example cold temperature is not appropriate for a battery to […]


Ajoye Power is quickly developing battery charging technology in China that offer a multi-control arrangements approach for meeting your particular needs! Ajoye Power is an expert battery producer and battery arrangement supplier. It’s primary product offering ranges from customized battery to waterproof lithium battery. Ajoye’s long history has empowered Ajoye to be in all key […]

What is an ultra-low temperature lithium battery?

There has been a new development in the electrolyte chemistry which is all about expanding the lithium-ion battery performance, where the device can operate to temperatures which are as low as -60 degree Celsius.¬† Presently, the lithium-ion batteries have stopped operating around -20 degree Celsius. But by the development of an electrolyte which allows the […]

All about waterproof battery

Summary:– A waterproof battery brings in a lot of benefits where it is not only durable and long-lasting but is also energy efficient. It can be used for various purposes and is a mark of technological advancements. The waterproof battery product is all about the various waterproofing requirements which are inclusive of the battery integrated […]

Chinese Batteries That Can Change Our Perception of Batteries

If you take a look at even five years back, the development of batteries was quite limited. Now the entire game of lithium-ion batteries is into a shifting paradigm. Well, you can put the finger of fame towards none other than the Asian super giant of the Tech industry, China. What they are onto is […]

Essential Tips That Will Help You Choose the Best Battery for Your Personal Needs

On a daily basis, batteries play a very important role in our modern lives. From our TV remotes to mobile phones, everything is charged with the help of batteries. These small yet very useful items are comprised of different elements – Lead Acid, Alkaline, Nickel-Metal Hydride or Lithium Ion. Nowadays you can also find waterproof […]

Things to consider before choosing a waterproof lithium battery

Batteries are becoming increasingly important with the modern remote free design and technologies that are used at homes as well as offices. Also several kinds of batteries are available in the market, which can be attributed again to the increased technology. But choosing the right kind of power batteries that can sit well with your […]

Factors to Consider While Looking For Electric Vehicle Batteries

Summary : Electric vehicles batteries are the most important components for powering the e-vehicles. Some factors must be considered while seeking these batteries. Recently, while maximum concentration has been on the manufacture and design of electric vehicles, we have seen considerable investment in the electric vehicle batteries also. However, some people forget that these batteries […]

Making the Choice of Waterproof Energy Storage Batteries

Batteries are probably one of the most important systems amongst all the different building systems. There are many companies that offer their buyers with different battery products to choose from. The range of these products represented by the wholesalers and the manufacturers is extensive. But the thing is that people have become more demanding these […]