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Four Common Cyber Security Attack Scenarios

Cyber attacks have become a major concern today. After all, it’s a crime even though it’s committed over the internet and just like the crime in the physical world it can be a nuisance to the least extent and at the worst can cause devastation and negative impacts that are long-lasting. More dangerous is the […]

Products to Use for Disaster Recovery

It takes more than just the right set of skills to ensure disaster recovery goes smoothly. Certain disaster recovery products can and should be used in order to get the job done. These are the products that the experts not only recommend to others but actually use themselves. Major enterprises have been backed up with […]

What Is A DRP?

Companies are all digital with their use of technology because of how quickly and effectively they can process information. Its users rely on e-mails and voiceover message systems to communicate with others. There is also the electronic data interchange to send encrypted data such as orders and online payments to others through their servers, which […]

Importance of ICS Cyber Security

ICS security is a matter of concern for industries because it is about protecting industrial control systems, the combined software and hardware meant for monitoring and controlling the working of machinery and relevant devices in an industrial setting. Industrial control systems are used all through a wide array of industries across the world. These systems […]

Automated & Open Source Incident Response Tools

With many platforms become worn down from growing cyber threats, it can be difficult for humans to respond quickly and deal with these problems. Because of this worn outpace, many security providers are heavily understaffed. But don’t worry as automation has slowly been on the rise and provides a variety of perks. Below we’ll be […]

The Basics of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an important concern for any business in today’s world. With the Internet being a playground for hackers, it is essential to understand the basics. Teams of professionals responsible for a business’s cybersecurity are increasingly turning to security orchestration and automation for help. In this context, security orchestration is defined as using numerous computer […]

An Approach To ICS Cyber Security

With technological advancements, industrial control systems (ICS) are up against a large number of digital threats. From those threats, there are two that are particularly bad. First, there is the damage and disruption that can be caused to internal systems via malware amongst other techniques. But more alarmingly some of those techniques can allow the […]

Amazon’s Logistics Strategy in the Modern World

Many companies are now relying on Amazon logistics for all of their shipping needs. Its logistics routing software sets it apart from other shipping services. No matter how small or large a company is, they need to provide reliable shipping services in order to successfully make a profit. Since eCommerce is such a huge part […]

Five Ways to Streamline Your Final Mile Delivery

The advent of e-commerce and this so-called Internet-of-things era have stretched logistics and delivery to a new level. Customers are now becoming accustomed to receiving their packages on the same day. The first mile shipping and last mile logistics have become the center focus of logistics industries as these industries are trying to live up […]

Last Mile Delivery and Logistics Solutions

The transit of the goods from the transportation hub to its final destination, i.e the end customers is termed as last mile delivery. The rise in online orders has made it quite important. Delivering the goods to the right location in the shortest possible duration is the main aim of the [[last mile delivery logistics]]. […]