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The Leviathan Energy Field

The population of the world grows in numbers as the days pass us by. Most people always seem to be in a hurry, to go somewhere, to do something. These boats, cars, buses and planes need energy, gas and oil to their estranged destinations. Whenever I think of an oil refinery or oil basins, I […]

From the ground to your home – how we get and use natural gas

Over the years natural gas has proven to be a more convenient and reliable energy source than other sources. It’s cheaper, more versatile and more environmentally friendly so it comes as no surprise that many people opt to use natural gas in their homes rather than energy from coal or nuclear plants. But how exactly […]

What is Operation Leviathan?

The demand for natural gas has risen dramatically over the last decade. Not only is natural gas cheaper but it is also the cleanest fossil fuel making it the better option in our environmentally conscious world. Natural gas is, however, a non-renewable energy source and the discovery, development and exploitation of new gas fields is […]

Investing in Natural Gas

Investing in clean energy stocks is a great idea because we can see an increase in the adoption of sustainable practices. Since natural gas is a cleaner fuel compared to coal and oil, it is used in various cases. You can opt for investing in this fuel and keep a watch on the natural gas […]

The State of Natural Gas in 2020

The natural gas industry is one of the strongest industries today. It is a cleaner fuel that has many uses, of which electricity production forms the primary use. There are amazing natural gas facts, after knowing which you can understand the popularity of natural gas in 2020. It was initially used in the year 1816 […]

Oxygen Therapy Pros and Cons

Oxygen is something we use every day and is vital for our survival. Some people may have a condition that affects the way they take in oxygen. Oxygen therapy is a treatment that gives the body extra oxygen when needed. As with almost everything there are pros and cons to receiving oxygen therapy and it’s […]

Treatments of Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is when an individual begins to have trouble with learning new things, remembering, concentrating and making everyday decisions. This goes on a scale as there is mild cases and more severe cases. In the age of new scientific discoveries and advanced technologies, there could be ways to fight off or reverse cognitive decline […]

Planning A Holiday In Jerusalem

One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem is attracting many people who want to see the many iconic landmarks housed in the city. As well as being the capital of Israel it contains many locations that have deep religious significance, making a holiday in Jerusalem an unforgettable experience. Also, with a range of […]

Holidaying Near The Dead Sea

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is the Dead Sea. It has a deep significance for many religious groups. It’s also one of the natural wonders of the world, due to the buoyancy of the water. Combine the lake with one of the many hotels by the Dead Sea Israel and […]

Tips for Designing the Best Digital Menu Boards

The importance of digital menu display used as menu boards for restaurants and other food services establishments cannot be overemphasized, as it is of great benefit to both the customer and the food service establishment. For the customers, a digital menu board provides a better experience while for the establishment; it allows changing the product […]