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Best Ad Blockers for Chrome in 2020

Ads may annoy anyone. They can appear anywhere on the internet and may distract you. If you are looking for ways to get rid of these annoying ads on your Chrome browser, here are some of the top ad blockers for Chrome. Let’s take a look at these best ad blockers available for Chrome.   […]

Become a Pro at Windows 10 With These Hacks

Knowing every function of your device makes you feel more confident with it. Plus, you will save a lot of time and effort. Unlike Apple, Microsoft does not advertise its hidden features. This makes it all the more difficult for you to get the most out of your PC. In case you don’t know, there […]

How and Why to Use Social Media for App Marketing

There are millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, which will never be successful and remain obscure. This is a harsh reality, as it is tough to stand out in the highly competitive app market. Therefore, marketing apps matters just as much as designing and creating them. It can be an […]

A Guide to Turn-off the Auto-Play Videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Firefox

These days, we all spend most of our time scrolling through Facebook, or Twitter on our devices. And whenever we use any social networking site on any of our devices, we see a lot of auto-play videos. Well, some people don’t like to see the auto-play videos as some of them may contain violent, offensive, […]

My Hero Academia: Gigantomachia and the Disconcerting Possibility of a Massacre

The Heroes in my Hero Academia are fighting a tough war as they are up against a powerful and well-prepared Paranormal Liberation Front. They have very few options as they are running out of people to tackle the task at hand. Time is running out, as they face the villains in an all-or-nothing face-off with […]

Mixed Cinema Score Reviews for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

Tenet” marks Christopher Nolan’s lowest graded movie since the time of “The Prestige.”It arrived on September the 3rd, returning some sort of normality to US cinemas. Still, the audience approval rating tells us that the film is not on the “Inception-level” contrary to pre-release popular belief. The general opinion from cinephiles is out on the […]

Mike Flanagan Wants To Adapt ‘The Dark Tower’

Mike Flanagan is planning to work on another Stephen King’s epic novel. Stephen King is the ‘King’ of horror. He is an American author known for his work in horror, suspense, supernatural fiction, crime, fantasy novels, and science fiction genre. Many filmmakers and writers attempted to adapt King’s novels, but not all of them succeeded. […]

Major MCU Villain Who Wasn’t Killed Off

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for powerful villains, but not every villain in the MCU has ended up getting killed. Many villains still exist in the franchise and are waiting for an opportunity to return. Out of several villains introduced by the MCU, most of them only had one-off appearances, but some lucky villains […]

How to Fix Camera Not Available Error on Mac

Errors like “No camera connected” or “No camera available” on Mac go away as quickly as they come. So, there is no need to panic whenever you face such an error during an important video call. In case your Mac’s built-in camera is facing trouble, you may try one of the easy fixes that we […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – New Sea Creatures for September Month

September is finally here, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons has introduced a new batch of creatures. For lovers of deep-sea adventure, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has added new sea creatures to both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. So if you are ready to begin your deep-sea adventure, here is the list of new sea creatures. […]