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About Author: Hi, I am Alina, working as a loan adviser with a reputed finance company.

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How to Increase Your Chance of Securing a Personal Loan With Bad Credit Score?

Personal loans can be an outstanding means of getting finance for the purchase of items that are difficult to buy at a specific time. Sometimes some need comes up suddenly and we are not prepared to cover it such as car damage, medical bills, etc. Hence, in these situations, a personal loan can be very […]

Avail Personal Loans For Every Financial Need!

28 September 2019 : One More Finance Ireland is an online platform where every borrower can get the instant approval. Any person who is looking to get some extra amount to suffice his or her situation the online platform is every ready to serve the financial trouble in the best possible way. There are several […]

Personal Loans Vs Credit Cards: Which One is the Best Choice?

When you need to borrow money due to whatever the reason, you have generally two options: personal loans or credit cards. Both types of debts have different features and it is essential that you know which one meets your needs at the time of taking it out. Both are unsecured loans that mean you do […]

Now is The Time to Get over Long-term Unemployment

The unemployment rate has significantly reduced in the UK, but the number of long-term unemployed has not fallen. Research has discovered that half of the unemployed are long-term unemployed. It means the one who is jobless for more than 12 months. It will be your worst nightmare. You will feel as if you are losing […]

Reasons You Must Know: Why Your Financial Plan Is Not Effective?

Formulating a budget is one of the best ways to manage all your expenses whether it is related to paying off debts or rent on time. It will not only help you to systemise everything but saves money too. If you follow your budget strictly then you are doing a wonderful job. Have you ever […]

Say No To Financial Anxiety with Unemployed Tenant Loans

Owning a house is a dream. You might have had always thought about the ways about how your dream house must be and must look. Well, everyone at some point in their lives has done that. But, would that not be amazing if having the house was as easy as thinking about it? Like, you […]

Online Lending – An Easy Escape from Evil Grin of Financial Crisis

Financial uncertainties are among the major concerns for people today. With a little awareness on the available financial opportunities, all sorts of financial problems can be handled efficiently. The inception of technology driven online lending market has brought new possibilities and hopes for the borrowers. Most of the people today have issues of bad credit […]

Loans for Bad Credit with No Guarantor and No Fees from the Direct Lender

Almost everyone is in dire need of money to tackle the basic expenses and needs. One of the easiest ways to source the funds perhaps is to borrow some funds in the form of loans. But getting the actual funds is not exactly that convenient. If for some reason or the other, you end up […]

Loans without Guarantor – A Useful Source or Not?

Days of financial deficiency are difficult to spend especially when your family members are looking at you with lots of hopes. On the one hand, you have burden of arranging emergency funds and on the other hand, you have to fulfil the basic requirements of your family. During this tricky financial situation, you have only […]