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What does freezing of eggs mean?

Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a technique used to preserve a woman’s capacity to conceive in the future. Unfertilized eggs are extracted from your ovaries and preserved for later use. A frozen egg can be thawed in a lab, mixed with sperm, and put in your uterus (in vitro fertilisation). Based […]

Tips for IVF process success

If you have decided to use the IVF process to conceive, you must prepare yourself. The most important thing you should know is that the average success rate of an IVF procedure is 35-40%. There are no tricks or methods for increasing this success rate to 80-90 per cent. However, there are a few things […]

Know about Exchange Traded Funds or ETF

Exchange traded fund or ETF is passive schemes, which invest in a basket of securities constituting a market index.  Unlike actively managed mutual fund schemes, ETFs do not aim to beat the index, they simply aim to track the index as closely as possible. Each security in an ETF has the same weight as it […]

Why use the child education planner?

Child education plan is one of the most important life-stage goals of parents. Since good higher education is an important factor in career success it is of utmost importance for parents. Many parents will be willing to sacrifice some luxuries in life to afford the best possible education for their children. However, lack of awareness […]

What are the benefits of the IVF process?

In-vitro fertilization or IVF has brought new hope for couples who cannot have a child using natural methods. This method has proved a boon for couples who struggle to have a baby. It is one of the most popular techniques used for those couples who suffer from infertility problems. The technique helps such couples to […]

How to cure PCOS?

You were recently diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). What happens next? The condition, which affects five million women in the United States alone, can disrupt your hormones and has no known PCOS cure. While many women successfully manage their symptoms solely through medication and hormone therapy, some prefer to supplement traditional treatments with more […]

Strategies for investing in mutual funds India schemes

Mutual Fund schemes are an investment form in which investors with common financial objectives, invest their savings into various securities like, bond, debentures, equities, gold, money market instruments and Government securities, etc. It is a pool of money from various investors which is professionally managed, invested in diverse places and can be invested in with […]

How SIP calculator and retirement planning calculator helps plan finances?

Planning happens to be one of the most crucial elements when it comes to building a solid financial ground once you retire. When executed well in advance, retirement planning can help an investor become worry free and bank upon the corpus they have worked hard to create. One can have various financial goals during their […]

All you wanted to know about NAV mutual funds

NAV is the unit price of a mutual fund scheme. Mutual fund is bought or sold based on NAV. Unlike stock prices which changes frequently during the market hours, the NAV mutual funds is determined on a daily basis after the market closure. NAV is computed after the market closure basis the closing prices of […]

What is SIP Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds and other investment companies offer investors a variety of options to invest money in, one of them being SIP investment plan. This is a way of investing in mutual funds that allows investors to invest small amounts of money regularly on a chosen frequency, instead of having to invest a lumpsum amount at […]