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What are some of the popular mutual fund investment plans?

When it comes to mutual fund investment plans, following 3 plans commonly crosses our mind – Systematic Investment plan or SIP Systematic Transfer plan or STP Systematic Withdrawal plan or SWP While the above plans are mostly known to investors, we feel that all mutual fund investment plans are not suitable for all investors simply […]

What is mutual fund calculator and how it works

A mutual fund calculator is a free online tool that can help you calculate returns on your mutual fund investments and predict the future value based on your current investments, expected return on it and the investment time horizon. A mutual fund calculator also helps you plan your future financial goals. Most of the time, […]

What is Nifty ETF

There are many various categories of mutual fund in India. Mutual funds are categories into 5 broad categories – Equity, debt, hybrid, solution oriented and others. A mutual fund company (AMC) can float two types of mutual funds – 1) Actively managed mutual fund schemes which can be bought through mutual fund distributors or online […]

What is the best way to transfer Car Insurance to a new owner?

In India, there is a sizable secondhand car market. Many rookie riders and drivers prefer to use a used vehicle to avoid significant damages caused by accidents while learning to drive. Others believe that used cars are significantly affordable than new ones. As a result, owning a secondhand is becoming increasingly rare. However, consider more […]

Reasons why you must use Net Banking

Making banking transactions over the net or online banking is the new norm. However, rather than a digital luxury, internet banking is a financial need. Net banking is a convenient way to manage your account by accessing it from different devices. Following are the reasons to use online banking: Digital payments India is slowly becoming […]

What are the benefits of applying for home loans?

Over time, there has been a massive increase in the number of borrowers applying for a home loan. This increase is owing to several factors amongst which the benefits are on the top. The introduction of many customer-friendly schemes is the reason for the increase in the number of borrowers. Some of the schemes come […]

How to strike a balance between Home Loan EMI and tenure?

The easy access to Home Loans has made it a popular option for homebuyers. If you are salaried with a good credit score, getting a loan is easy. The process is also simple. However, it still brings a huge financial responsibility with it. The only way to prepare for it is through planning. The main […]

Busting some myths and facts about Home Loans

Home Loans are high valued and long-term. It poses some financial risks to both the lender and you. As such, banks and other financial institutes undertake several measures to make sure they receive promised investment returns. You must repay the loan on time, or you risk losing the investment while ignoring the myths surrounding the […]

Know the benefits of an NRO Savings Account

With more Indian citizens migrating abroad for jobs or education, some prefer to close their Savings Account than switching them into one NRI Banking Accounts. The Non-Resident Indian must convert their regular account into a Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO). Via this transition, the NRI deposits their income in the NRO account from their Investments, Savings, […]

Tips for negotiating a lower Car Loan interest rate

The crucial aspect of buying an automobile is financing it. If you have sufficient funds, well and good. But when your budget is lower than your needs, there is a dilemma. You start reconsidering your decision. For making things easier, financial institutions offer Car Loans. These allow you to borrow and repay flexibly through equated […]