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About Author: Amy Jones is an expert legal advisor working at Ahlawat & Associates, a well-known law firm in India. She is one of the foremost lawyers in India who loves to help people in all aspects of the practice area.

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Many people from around the world visit the United Kingdom for a variety of purposes. People go to the United Kingdom as tourists, students, workers, or for business purposes. Entering the UK requires a valid visa except for some exemptions provided to citizens of certain countries, such as members of European Economic Area. The visa allows […]

How to like working at top law firm as a young corporate lawyer

Every aspirant, young lawyer dreams of the black and white coat, the judge banging the wooden gavel on the table. A lawyer’s career path is not so easy as it is full of hard work and sacrifices. It is rewarding and a prestigious career, when you get qualified, experienced and you keep studying for your […]

An Introduction To The Alternative Dispute Resolution In India

Disputes are part and parcel of our lives, nobody can escape from it. It happens everywhere- within the family, at workplace, in business, with friends and neighbours, consumer disputes, etc. Minor ones are amicably resolved on their own, whereas some disputes go to court while still others are resolved outside of court in a non-adversarial […]