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FAQs on Index Investing

All Index Funds involve passive investing. Passive funds are Mutual Funds that track the stocks in a given index. The fund manager does not make any stock or bond selection by themselves. There are two types of passive funds in the Indian Market, Index Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds. However, there are differences in their investment […]

Things to remember when determining Hybrid Fund asset mix

Making investments is necessary to make your financial goals achievable. Investments assure financial security in uncertain times and allow you to have the lifestyle you always desired. Careful consideration is required when choosing a financial instrument to invest in. Market-linked instruments are the most popular pick, as they allow you to earn incredible inflation-beating returns. […]

Benefits of investing in ELSS Funds

Equity investors often lose their funds in the market. The primary reason for this is taxation. It significantly lowers investment growth and affects their returns. To avoid this, many opt for an Equity Linked Saving Scheme. An ELSS is an investment scheme associated with equities. It invests most of the funds in equity-related products. It […]

5 Things to know before investing in tax-saving mutual funds

Any investor would be happy if their investments would generate returns while helping them save tax at the same time. Investing is a great way to utilize idle funds to earn and generate wealth. When an investor sells their investments, at the time, the gains that they have made are subject to taxes. For investors […]

Major plus points of Lumpsum Investments

When asked to rank various market-linked investments in ascending order, Mutual Funds are at the top. Mutual Funds are the most popular instrument that reaps you good inflating beating returns. Equities and Debts are the two assets you can invest in. You should also consider your goals and risk profile to make an appropriate choice. […]

A quick guide on SIPs

Often, investors do not have large sums to invest. This lack causes hindrance in their investment journey. This is when a Systematic Investment Plan comes to their aid. It is a type of scheme that operates on a simplistic investment approach. Through a SIP, a fixed amount gets debited from your account every month. The […]

Why should millennials consider ELSS?

How to select the best Mutual Funds?

People have various financial goals and statuses. Some are wealthy and can afford to invest in schemes with returns by maturity. Others need funds immediately to meet their needs and invest in short- or mid-term investment schemes. Since everyone is responsible for meeting their families needs, they compromise on unimportant costs and focus on future […]

Things to know about International Mutual Funds

Today, investors are thinking beyond the boundaries of their own country. They seek better opportunities and significant investment moves. This is primarily why investment channels like International Mutual Funds have gained considerable popularity. Here is what you should know about such International Fund of Funds: Meaning International Mutual Funds are Mutual Funds which invest in […]

Benefits of investing in International Mutual Funds

Indulging in international travel or global cuisine is an exciting way to discover not only new cultures but also new opportunities. Unless we see the world outside the boundaries of our own country, we do not know what exists there and how it may benefit us. Like international travel, we seldom look beyond Indian shores […]