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Top 5 Best Free Broken Link Checker Tools of 2019

Broken links are those links that show a 404 error when opened. These links are not broken by birth, but they become when a website owner deletes a page from the website. When these links are opened, they leave us with an error message, which means that the page no longer exists. Removing broken links […]

Unable to play Spotify on your TV? Here is how to troubleshoot

Spotify is now accessible on almost all platforms, and you can play it anywhere when you want. Spotify can be used on smart speakers, smart displays, game consoles, audio streamers, smartwatches, Smart TVs, car’s music player, and even with applications like Google Maps. If you’re a real music lover and likes to listen to music, […]

How to switch two rows in Google Sheet?

Creating tables in Google Sheets is very entertaining. You can use this free application for online spreadsheets. But it is not compulsory to use the Google Sheets power to switch two rows in the column when they are near each other. Go through the different ways to switch two rows in Google Sheet follow these […]

How to remove location from iPhone photo?

When you capture a picture and upload it on your social media account, then it displays your current location to the viewers. Your uploaded details can be used to create a threat to the privacy of your social media account, So, it is good to remove the location from iPhone photo by following the steps […]

How to activate your Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is free to use and has many different channels on the roster. It also provides many movies and TV shows. In case you wish to change to Pluto TV, then follow the steps mentioned below to activate your Pluto TV. Here you will also get the steps for enabling closed captions on both […]

Top 7 Sketch Alternatives for Linux and Windows

Sketch app is considered as one of the best graphic design apps for Mac. It was launched in 2010 and has been appreciated by a lot of people all around the world. This app has very less competition because it is available for macOS only. Its developers are not offering the Linux and Windows version […]

Best tips and tricks to shield your speakers

Speakers tend to produce electromagnetic waves which can harshly impact system components like hard drives, picture tube in a monitor, and even the graphics card. If your speakers are placed around your computer or you have a surround sound system, then the potential risk of damaging your computer components increases. So it becomes quite a […]

How to unblock a blocked phone number?

If you do not wish to receive a phone call from any particular contact, then you put them on your blocked list on your iPhone or Android. But what will you do in case you have blocked a phone number by mistake? Or in case you wish to unblock any contact? Then you need to […]

6 Best iPhone Apps that Support Dark Mode

Most of the Apps these days are providing dark mode support. They include favorite apps such as Twitter and Facebook Messenger, as well. The dark mode is perfect for the ones who don’t prefer the white background display while using the phone at night time. You can save your phone’s battery also by using the […]

How to remove stuck music player notification from the lock screen?

Music Player notification on the lock screen is useful; you can view, pause or play, as well as jump to next or previous track with the widget. But it is worrying when it appears without playing any track or video. If the Music Player notification is stuck on your iPhone’s lock screen, try this: Open […]