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Name: Yasin Azimi
About Author: Yasin Azimi is the COO and IT Manager of Amazon Car Group (also known as Amazon Cash for Cars), first company in Australia to revolutionise the "Cash for Car" industry by offering cryptocurrency payments for unwanted cars. Yasin graduated in 2018 with Bachelor of Software Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney, and have worked at fortune 500 companies like Cognizant as well as QBE Insurance in Australia for the past 3 years. With his IT experience coupled with his team of experts, Amazon Car Group is changing how people sell their car for cash.

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How To Keep And Sell Your Total Loss Car For Cash?

If you’ve been driving for a while, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that road accidents are not avoidable. In fact, thousands of incidents occur in Australia each year, resulting in severe injuries or, worse, death. But, even if you’re lucky enough to come out unscathed, you might find yourself selling cars for cash […]

Damaged Car Removal: What Impacts The Worth Of Your Damaged Car? Quality Of Spare Parts

Don’t know what to do to your car that has been severely damaged after an accident, flood, and fire? It might be best to choose damaged car removal services. It’s a great way to turn something that you will no longer use into cold, hard cash! Before you go around looking for a company offering damaged car removal, […]

Should I Scrap My Car Or Fix It: Things To Look Out For?

Should you scrap your old and unwanted vehicle or have it repaired? Before going directly to a Sydney scrap car removal service, make sure to check out the guide below:   Reasons To Fix Your Car If you think your car is still worth fixing, take it to a local repair shop. Find out how […]

COVID-19 Update: How Should You Deal While Selling An Unregistered Car In Sydney During COVID-19?

Selling an unregistered car in NSW is a fairly simple process; if you would have decided to do it two years ago, it was! The procedure has become a little bit complicated these days due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that the task is entirely impossible. […]

How Do Unwanted Cars Removal Companies Operate?

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted cars in Sydney, most people go to car removal and auto recycling companies instead of buying private dealers. That’s because these companies provide the simplest way to get instant cash. Car removal companies are in the business of buying all kinds of vehicles regardless of their condition, […]

How To Decide Where To Sell Your Old Car For Cash In Sydney?

Cash for old cars in Sydney is a type of service provided by scrappers and car removal companies. They buy vehicles from owners and pay for them in cold, hard cash. This type of transaction is specifically recommended for those whose vehicles are considered ‘junk’ cars and are beyond repair.   You will find a […]

Sell My Car For Cash Near Me: Best Option To Get Top Cash

Many owners of old and damaged vehicles often ask this question: How do I sell my car for cash near me? Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to find reputable buyers for your rundown hunk of junk. Here’s how to do it: Ways To Sell My Car For Cash Near Me First of all, you need […]

Scrap Car Removal Sydney: How To Get Optimal Cash For Old Cars

Scrap car removal in Sydney is a profitable and practical decision than just letting your car rot in your yard, taking up previous space and possibly leaking harmful chemicals. It’s also so much easier than selling your old car to a private dealer! But how you can get optimal cash for your old clunker? Here […]

How To Choose The Best Car Wrecking Services In Sydney?

Nowadays, many companies are offering car wrecking in Sydney so you shouldn’t have any problems finding an interested buyer for your old clunker. But with all the choices, it can be confusing to figure out which company will provide the best deal! If you’re not in a hurry to dispose of your car, then take […]

Know Quick Steps To Get Cash For Car Scrap In Sydney!

Is it worth going through the process of selling your car scrap in Sydney? The answer is a resounding yes. Contrary to popular belief, finding a reliable buyer for your scraps is super easy, and as long as you choose the right service provider, the process will be a breeze. A good scrapper will take […]