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About Author: Our mission at Apothecanna is to spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine. We believe in the fundamental right of access to the healing powers of nature and promote sustainable interaction with the world around us. Apothecanna products are formulated with natural, nutritious ingredients to help balance the body and the senses. We thoughtfully source organic and wildcrafted essential oils from their native regions of the world. Every ingredient we use is an ‘active’ ingredient for a specific therapeutic purpose. We do not use artificial ingredients, fillers, parabens or GMO ingredients. All of our formulations are original and tested on us. We believe that natural treatments are the best treatments, and strive to create products with uncompromised purity, quality, and functionality.

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Things to Incorporate Into Your Wellness Routine

If you have a wellness routine, you likely already incorporate diet and exercise into your daily life. However, there’s still more you can do to calm both body and mind. From planning out your meals ahead of time to taking a few moments every evening for meditation, here’s how you can improve your wellness routine. […]

Daily Tips to Improve Your Wellness Outside of the Gym

Wellness and an active lifestyle are things that everyone should prioritize. You only get one body, so try to take care of it as best you can. Hitting the gym regularly is a great way to keep active, but there are also smaller, daily things you can do that can impact how you feel and […]

Why You Should Add CBD to Your Post-Workout Routine

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has recently been thrust into the public light. It’s exploded into health, wellness, and lifestyle markets for good reason: It’s effective. Tons of people use CBD products for a variety of general health and wellness purposes, including their post-workout routine. Using a moisturizing lotion that contains CBD and other effective botanical ingredients, […]

What to Look for in Quality CBD Body Care Products

CBD is becoming massively popular in wellness products for active, modern lifestyles. As such, it’s turning into a highly profitable industry. New brands are popping up all the time, and it can be very difficult to work out where to spend your hard-earned money. Not all CBD products are made the same, so it’s up […]