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Reducing Sugar in Your Products- Why and How?

The trend of sugar reduction is gaining momentum in the FMCG sector for a combination of factors including the rising awareness among consumers about the health hazards of excessive sugar intake, the worldwide increase in cases of diabetes, heart ailments, obesity, and the growing inclination of people toward diet-friendly eating and drinking options. Stringent government […]

The Incredible Journey of Stevia Extract from Leaf to Sweetener

The label-friendly natural stevia extract, with time, has reached unprecedented heights of popularity, but have you ever wondered how this sweet magical leaf finds its way into your products? Stevia’s path from farm to product consists of several steps – so it’s safe to say that stevia passes through many hands along the way from […]

Stevia 101 – Everything That You Would Want to Know Before Buying Stevia in Bulk

What Is Stevia? Stevia, also known as stevia rebaudiana, is a wonder herb and is most valued for what it doesn’t do, which is adding calories! The plant is native to South America and today is being used globally to naturally reduce added sugar content in foods and beverages. Sugar Reduction is a rapidly growing […]