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Improve Security Operation Response Times

It is becoming increasingly important that businesses protect themselves from cyber threats. Especially when it can cost millions of dollars to be unprepared. That’s where the Security Operation Centre (SOC) comes in. This houses the teams responsible for recognizing threats and defusing potential cyber-attacks. Because of the importance of this area, you should always be […]

SCADA to Improve Cyber Defenses

With cyber crime on the rise globally, many businesses are looking for a way to get an edge over the criminals. That’s why many people are choosing to use Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to gain an edge over the hackers. These systems also make it easier for you to access the data. […]

Cyber Range Team Training

Cyber security is one of the biggest problems that modern businesses face. Each year, hackers grow more advanced, requiring businesses to improve their defenses in response. However, many people struggle to give their staff the skills and training that they need to combat these threats. That’s where a cyber range comes in, offering one of […]

Digital Signage: Top Industries

In the past, people were forced to live with the use of paperwork and special craft items in order to covey the information they had. Today, technology has made that whole process simpler, faster, and more efficient. The digital signage industry has done a great job in transforming the world. This, of course, goes a […]

Natural Gas Definition

What is natural gas? What does it do, and what are some of the basic uses for it? The basics of natural gas definition: Definition Natural gas is a highly flammable gas that is used for many applications from cooking, heating, creating electricity, and even as a fuel for certain vehicles. Natural gas is made […]

Redesigning Your Kitchen

Many home owners at some time or other decide to renovate their kitchens, perhaps remodeling them and whilst this may be a good thing, before they start they should consider why they are renovating their kitchens as many people have spent a lot of money renovating it for the wrong purpose. What I mean by […]

Improving the Customer Journey

The key to creating a successful website is making a great customer journey. This describes the path taken by users from the moment they enter your website to the time they leave. Hopefully, this path will take them to the checkout where they can purchase your merchandise. Let’s look at some ways you can improve […]

IoT Edge Analytics

IoT (Internet of Things) has today become big business and is expected to increase steadily if not rapidly over the coming few years. Basically, the IoT is connecting of sensors to other devices which then make those devices work in certain ways. An example of this is that a sensor on a door will show […]

Generating Electricity from Natural Gas

Due to its clean-burning properties, natural gas is a very popular source for generation of electricity. Till the 70s and 80s, large coal and nuclear power plants were the first choices for electricity generation. However, in the 90s, natural gas has replaced them and became the first choice for electricity generation, thanks to environmental, economic […]

Importance of CyberSecurity

In the past, the cybersecurity scene was never so complex and dynamic. Nowadays, the number of complex attacks and their volume have increased significantly. At the same time, the number of alerts and events that the security companies are dealing with on a daily basis have raised a lot. It has been estimated that at […]