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Optimizing Energy Efficiency through Energy Management System

One of the biggest and most important resources every business and non-business organization alike counts on is energy. Similarly, it can also be one of the toughest areas to reduce facility costs on, particularly without a designated energy management system. As the pursuit for reduced energy usage and decreased energy costs as part of achieving […]

Digital Signage Creative Ideas

Corporate communications are one of the hottest topics of conversation today in the business world. Managers are increasingly looking for modern techniques to keeping in touch with their teams and digital signage is becoming their most preferred technique. If you too are looking for new exciting methods of digital corporate communications to remain well connected […]

Kitchen Remodeling

Are you planning to get your kitchen redesigned, renovated, or remodeled? Well before you can begin getting your cabinets changed and your sink replaced, it is important for you to ask yourself a couple of questions. By pondering over these questions, you will be able to save yourself from a lot of trouble, hence allowing […]

Leviathan Gas Field and It’s Benefits

The Israeli energy industry has gotten a great boost with the discovery of gas fields since 2009 and with these discoveries, once a resource-deprived country, Israel has enough energy to fulfill domestic requirements for four decades. the owners of the biggest Leviathan gas field have reserved 9 billion cubic meters every year for export to […]

Cyber Security Incident Response Plan

Businesses that hold state- or federally-protected personal info, personal health info or trade secret info have to develop an effective incident response plan. The fact is that a response plan is as crucial as the written information security plan (WISP). Big companies experienced reputational as well as financial damage after recent breaches at least partially […]

Data Security in 2018- An Overview

Even though big data security is an issue for every business in the world, it isn’t being emphasized like experts feel it should be. The Business Continuity Institute conducted a survey that showed slightly over half of the world’s businesses run employee seminars on cybersecurity awareness. One of the biggest reasons why this is an […]

Digital Signage TV and its Benefits

Retailers are becoming more creative about grabbing customers’ attention. In-store posters and flyers aren’t enough. The new marketing trend is digital signage TV. WHAT IS DIGITAL SIGNAGE TV? In a nutshell, digital signage TV involves displaying content in public areas. While you often see these in malls and stores, they’re also used in hotels, restaurants, […]

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery and Backup

As technology continues to advance yearly, it has changed the way companies back up their crucial data. Over 50% of all companies in business today have taken to cloud-based platforms to protect their infrastructures. A backup and recovery plan that involves the cloud is one that companies can count on. In the past, this has […]

SQL Server Disaster

An SQL (sequel) server disaster is an event where data loss occurs due to a natural disaster or something similar. Disaster recovery specialists are employed in order to place and exercise safeguards that protect against any major loss of data. These safeguards act as a disaster recovery system. A disaster recovery system consists of at […]

Neurology Genetics –Diagnose Genetic Disorders

Whatever actions our body does including thinking, moving, breathing, feeling and speaking are controlled by complex biological pathways of which our nervous system is made of. Neurological disorders like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and nerve pain (neuropathy) have symptoms that can disturb the patient’s everyday life. But some patients have neurological symptoms that remain unexplained […]