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Customer Journey Maps for B2B Website

Business to business sales (B2B) requires attractive websites to produce sales, to ensure their website is functional and optimized so they use customer journey maps. Customer journey maps allow you to see the pages visited by each customer, in what order and how long they spent on each page. By using this technology, you will […]

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage simply means that it is a system that is controlled centrally, and distributes content digitally to a single display, or a large array of displays. Digital signage screens have a wide number of uses and are beneficial for relaying different types of data such as news, television programs, flights, menus, advertisements, live weather, […]

What is the Internet of Things

Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system or network of smart devices that send data to all types of environment. The data is generally being transferred over a network. There are minimal human or peer – to -peer interactions when it comes to IoT. IoT can be properly described as a human with a […]

Investing in Renewable Energy

Many investors can recognize the benefits the renewable forms of energy can have on the environment. For this reason, many people are starting to become more interested in investing in renewable energy space. This article will examine why investing in this space is important, and how renewable energy companies can add value to your portfolio. […]

Benefits of Genetic Testing

In 2009, my life was changed when I was suddenly induced to have my youngest son. It was not much of a surprise because my ob./gyn had discussed the possibility of this as certain organs were not forming as expected. Following his birth, the first several years of his life was full of endless tests […]

Improving the Customer Journey

Businesses design customer journey maps to improve internal and external processes. But at times, the workflow gets clogged and we hear plenty of talk about customers experiencing roadblocks and dead ends while interacting with brands. Why is this happening? Because brands overlook measuring journey maps using journey analytics. A customer journey map is a diagram […]

3 Tips for Great Digital Marketing Experience

The digital marketing experience mostly entails the use of marketing strategies that are geared toward promoting goods or services on digital media. As you know, the aim of all marketing campaigns is to convert a person into a paying customer, hence generating sales. This is also true for digital marketing experience since it outlines the […]

Digital Signage in The Workplace

Gone are the days of traditional ways of conveying messages centered on bulletin boards and through print signage. With the inception of digital technology, these go-to team communication tools have been replaced. Digital signage is rapidly becoming pivotal for any workplace. The once seemed future of a workplace where it would be surrounded by a […]

Server Room Monitoring Systems

The server room is a valuable area of business. Server rooms hold expensive equipment vital for the function of a company. Think of the disaster that can occur is web access, Customer Relationship Managers, and web-based files become corrupt or inaccessible due to web based connections failing. Server room access should be restricted. Server room […]

Cyber Range Security Training

In today’s world, it’s essential to have cyber security skills. And, while many cyber security training methods can be effective, none will be more realistic and lifelike than using a cyber range. What is a cyber range? The best way to think of a cyber range is to relate it to a military training operation. […]