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Pre-Set Programming in Security Automation

Security automation refers to the handling of functions automatically thanks to pre-set programming software, instead of having such functions carried out by a technician. Automation is very effective as it boosts response time, because the response is already available and is programmed to be activated in certain situations. The world is currently in the digital […]

Incident Responses

IR (Incident Response) jobs including collecting data, scheduling events, and working with others depend strongly on the organization, communications, and technical skills of everyone who works in security operations. It is a manual job that takes up a lot of time which cuts into the rest of the work done for IR. The most popular […]

The keys to implementing a scalable Incident Response Automation.

Incidence response automation and orchestration to security threats is important to solving one of the most pressing challenges faced by cybersecurity teams these days. The high increase in the number of security alerts mostly as a result of exponential increase in cyber attack in the past few years is becoming unbearable for professionals and security […]

The Natural Gas Revolution

The Natural Gas Revolution is upon us. With words like climate change, carbon footprint and emissions hanging in the air for decades, the search for alternative fuel sources has been ongoing. Since 2010, Natural Gas has been considered the most viable and naturally available alternative. Natural gas is an organic resource made up of a […]

Natural Gas as Electricity Supply

There are a wide number of ways in which natural gas is used. While most people see it as being useful only for heating and cooking, in reality, there are a wide number of uses of natural gas. In Israel, for instance, Natural Gas is used for the general of electricity on a wide scale. […]

Ways To Create Winning A/B Tests With Heatmap Analytics

Before detailing on the topic, let me brief a little on what heatmap and heatmap analytics are . Heatmaps can be most simply defined as a graphical representation of data which says a whole lot about your website. Heat map analytics is where a special snippet of javascript is placed to track clicks and mouse […]

Age Related Cognitive Decline and How to Prevent It.

Currently, there seems to be no possible treatment that can totally cure or prevent dementia. However, a number of factors have been identified by the researchers, that can help in protection from age related cognitive decline. In this article, we aim to list down all of the factors that help how to prevent aging and […]

Fight Aging at Any Age

There are many reasons why our skin might age. Sometimes, we cannot change all the factors associated with it such as the natural biological processes. However, there are a number of other factors that we can change to fight aging. At the same time, there are a number of anti-aging products in the market that […]

Smart energy management: What to Know

Smart energy management Ever needed to send multiple files for print, but remember you have to go all the way to the printing room, just so to get your PC connected to a printer with a cable? You sure know you can add some spice to your presentation by displaying a live stream video off […]

Improve Security Operation Response Times

It is becoming increasingly important that businesses protect themselves from cyber threats. Especially when it can cost millions of dollars to be unprepared. That’s where the Security Operation Centre (SOC) comes in. This houses the teams responsible for recognizing threats and defusing potential cyber-attacks. Because of the importance of this area, you should always be […]