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The Advantages in Using IAST Security

IAST security which stands for interactive application security testing is a type of security testing for applications and was created by using DAST and RASP technologies to analyse the behaviour of applications which still in the testing phase. It works by checking the behaviour of the applications runtime engine to check the logic, data flow […]

Cross Site Scripting Overview

Cybersecurity is one-hundred percent necessary because of the random various attacks that have become complicated to try and stop with simple security moves. These new forms of malware are simple in goal: encroaching people’s passwords, databases, and accounts. These “bugs” are programmed only to be presented at the line from causing damage in the system. […]

Code Review Overview – Tools and Techniques

Since the 1970s, when code review was first conceived of by groundbreaking programmers of the computer, the idea of a formal code review has been seen as dreadful and way too time consuming. Now, with everything else in computing and software, code reviews have become much easier to do and different ways to do it. […]

The Need for a Business DR Plan

Business can be disrupted at any time by a force majeure, something uncontrolled like Mother Nature or a computer crash, on such short notice. All a person can do is evacuate from the area. After it happens, it is recovery time, which is a stressful and costly procedure. It is more stressful if there is […]

Why Choose AWS for Disaster Recovery

The data in any organization can be at risk due to any kind of unforeseen disasters like earthquake, flood, hardware failure, data breaches, attacks by ransomware etc. This has led to the emergence of the backup and recovery of the data. AWS provides an efficient way to mitigate the impact of any such natural or […]

How Can Your Business Deliver the Perfect Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery is a term that is used to describe the most costly part of the transport and delivery service. In most circumstances, the first part of the delivery line goes without a problem. The goods are loaded on to the vehicle, the driver knows exactly where he needs to go to deliver goods […]

The Advantages of Using Delivery Service Software

As a business owner, it’s important to know how well your delivery service is performing. Usually, indicators of any problem come via customer complaints, which can mean you have already lost custom which could potentially damage your company image. With delivery system softwareyou are able to find out what is going on throughout the delivery […]

How Did Amazon Set Up Amazon Delivery Services?

We all know Amazon for their shopping experience and let’s face it, we love them for this experience, too. While they have been a major player in the world of online shopping, they have recently been venturing into new and untested waters and they have been doing so with a bang. As Amazon uses its […]

Cybersecurity with NIST playbook

Cybersecurity incidents and breaches are occurring more and more frequently these days. Not only has the frequency increase but the different kinds of attacks have also changed. For companies and major corporations, it is no longer a question of if a cybersecurity issue happens, it is more likely a question of preparedness for when a […]

Keep the Big Data Secureand Maintain Your Customer’s Privacy

The big data is how its name describes it BIG. To explain in easy terms big data is a dataset that cannot be managed in normal ways due to their size. This type of data gets accumulated which ends up helping customers caring services. When dealing with so much data, this makes it a huge […]