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Step-by-Step Guide to Dental Implants

You can have your tooth restored with dental implant surgery if your tooth has been lost due to injury, blunt force trauma, or extraction. Here’s how to go about the dental implants process by Dental Implant Doctor Chandrahas: Precautions Before you do anything else, it is important to get your implant surgery approved. These are the […]

Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth

Are you interested in taking better dental care? Are you curious about ways to boost your oral health? If so, you should be flossing your teeth more frequently. In fact, flossing two times each day will lessen the number of germs and bacteria that can get stuck in between your teeth and can cause tooth […]

What Are The Benefits Of Gum Surgery in Hyderabad?

Gum recession exposes teeth roots, which significantly increase the likelihood of gum disease, tooth decay as well as other dental health problems. A gum graft from Dr. Chandrahas Clinic is the most efficient way to treat a shrinking line of gum. The procedure involves the addition of gum tissue to the region of the deficiency. The tissue […]

How to Choose a Dental Clinics?

Dental health is a vital component of overall well-being. It is true that like other ailments and diseases, suffering from oral health issues are not difficult to overlook. It can impact your mood throughout the day. You’ll need to find an established dental clinic and dentist who can assist you through the experience. In addition, […]

Benefits of Tooth Jewellery

Don’t think about perfect clean dental hygiene, the focus is on your teeth jewelry. It’s a trend to add a piece of jewellery to your smile is growing; it’s the ideal method to show off your teeth and enhance your smile. It’s not just giving your smile that WOW factor, but it’s also fun! Select […]

All that you need to know About Tooth Jewellery Treatment

It is said that the best thing you can do with your lips is to smile. And for that dazzling smile that wins heart, it is imperative that you have dazzling teeth. A trend that is fast catching up these days in cosmetic dentistry is embellishing teeth with teeth jewellery. This is an advanced trend […]

Reason for Gum Surgery and Types

Dentistry is unlike any other profession. This is because dentists apart from focusing on their patients’ care also need to run their business. It is often seen that the finances of the business take precedence over patients’ care as doctors get consumed by the finances of the business, while wholesome patient care takes a backseat. […]

What is LASER and Laser in Dentistry?

The word LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are used in various fields of technology, gadget, in the medical field also. They are in use for tattoo removal, eye surgery technologies, and hair replacement treatments. A dental laser is a type of laser designed specifically for use in oral tissue […]

Everything To Know About Dental Implants

We all suffer from one or another dental issue these days. This could be due to our habits of eating or lifestyle and many other factors. In addition, many people opt to home remedies that often are effective, but sometimes aren’t. There is no guarantee that any remedy at home is certain to cure all of your dental […]

Everything To Know About Dental Implants

Most of us suffer from one or the other dental problem these days. It can be because of our daily eating habits, lifestyle, and many other reasons. Other than this most of us go for home remedies that sometimes do work and sometimes they don’t. As there is no guarantee that any home remedy is […]