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4 Things to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

A wedding is a magical day filled with love, family, and friends. Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking – from booking the venue to hiring the best wedding photographers. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is choosing a good catering company. If you’re not careful, you might end up overpaying […]

Food Stations: The Perfect Recipe to Make Your Celebration More Memorable

What is a celebration without delicious or sumptuous food? Whether small or massive, every celebration is not a success if the host fails to satisfy the guests’ food and drink cravings. This is one of the reasons why people turn to catering companies for events or gatherings. The companies ensure that the event is a […]

Lessons About Tying the Knot Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

From canapes, food stations, grazing planks, shared plates, formal plating, and even drinks, when it comes to wedding buffet catering services it’s not easy to fully plan on your own what to serve your guests after your vows. This is most especially true even now during a time of social distancing. We all know the glamour and […]

Events Catering Services During the Pandemic

Seeking out the best catering is no easy task, especially with the current social distancing requirements we have today. Many expect catering services to slow down or close their doors, yet these businesses are still coming up with new ways to keep their services open. Like restaurants, the number of hands needed to work has […]

Benefits of Partnering With the Best Caterer in Town

Planning and organising the venue and food that will be provided to the guests on some certain occasions like weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate parties, home parties and more are not easy to make. These are truly a challenging task especially when a large group of people will be attending your celebration. In terms […]

Why Is Catering for Corporate and Home Celebrations A Good Choice?

Hosting an event in the office or at home can be very exhausting. No matter how small or big the celebration is, there are numerous things to take into consideration. One of the foremost important parts of any event is of course the food to serve. On top of the decision as to the menu […]

Wedding Planning 101: Hiring a Wedding Buffet Catering Service Is a Must!

Having the best and most memorable wedding is every girl’s dream. As easy as some people think, preparing for a wedding is not that easy. From venue selection to floristry to catering, everything needs to be thorough planning. This is the reason why many couples hire a wedding planner and a wedding catering service to […]

How Hiring a Caterer Can Make Your Celebration a Success

Once or twice in our lives, we will be involved in the planning of big events. Whether it is your daughter’s seventh birthday or your boss’ retirement celebration, some people will ask your help to plan how the event will go. Part of the planning is of course the food to serve to the guests. […]

Weddings 101: Basic Things to Know About Wedding Catering

Planning a wedding requires time and effort from both parties. It is never easy. It is stressful and sometimes costly. Some people believe that the planning stage puts couples’ relationship and love for each other to test. It feels like just yesterday when he kneeled on one knee and asked to spend the rest of […]

6 Important Tips to Stand Out in the Catering Industry

There is an increasing number of food companies that are starting to venture into catering businesses in the past years. It offers an opportunity to them to expand their customer base and in turn boost their overall sales. It also gives them another way to survive the financial obstacles brought by the covid-19 pandemic. This […]