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GST Return Filing: Know Your GST Returns and Due Dates

One of the key facets of the current GST regime is the periodical GST return filing. Unlike income tax return filing which occurs once a year, GST return filing continues round the year. Each month (or quarter, as the case may be), you need to file your GST returns. Depending upon your type of registration and turnover, the […]

SEBI Compliances Calendar Checklist for Companies

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) acts as a watchdog for companies having their securities listed on any recognised stock exchanges. It safeguards the interest of investors by placing certain SEBI compliance requirements on such companies. On the company’s front, it is mandatory to comply with such SEBI obligations otherwise it can attract […]

What is Legal Metrology & How it is related to Weight & Measurement?

Legal metrology is the Act of measurement and it is governed by the Indian Legal Metrology Act 2009. It is a legal requirement for the manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers to have a legal metrology certificate before they can sell their products. This article will provide an overview on legal metrology, how it all started, how […]

Investigation Procedure of Special Valuation Branch (SVB) of Customs

Related party transactions are always susceptible to price manipulations. In the case of import transactions, any price manipulation in the import price can greatly affect the collection of import duty. Therefore, to avoid such manipulations, Special Valuation Branches (SVBs) were established to investigate the relationships between the buyers and foreign suppliers and whether the price […]