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6 Best Gadgets for Travel Photographers

Photography is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes it takes hours and hours to bring the best shots on your screen. The light gets too low or too high in some situations. And reaching the location becomes a daunting task at times. There are plenty of challenges that are faced by photographers for taking […]

5 Best Windows Video Players in 2019

Watching videos is one of the favorite activities of most of the people in leisure time or breaks. It refreshes our mind from time to time and even inspires us to become better in life. Everything, from sports to movies to songs and more are available in video format these days and are the primary […]

How to Restrict iTunes and iBooks Store Access on iOS Device

Want to limit your kid or anyone from accessing iTunes and iBooks on your iPhone and iPad? Here is how to enable the restrictions for iTunes and iBooks on your device and keep everyone away from accessing them. How to restrict iTunes Store access on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or older Open […]

How to search and add podcasts on Apple Podcasts & Pocket Casts

So, if you like to listen to podcasts and want to listen to new podcasts on your iPhone then here is how to add search and add podcasts on Your Apple Podcasts & Pocket Casts apps. How to add podcasts to your Apple Podcasts Follow the below the steps to add shows to your Apple […]

7 Best Sites to Read Online Comics

Those days are gone when you needed to go to the market to get comic books. You don’t have any need to make physical efforts for reading recent Wonder Women or the Avengers storyline. There are many minor and significant comic book publishers that release comic books in various formats. These can be used on […]

7 Things That Can be Done With an Apple Pencil

Follow the below-given tips and tricks to understand your “Apple Pencil” better. It doesn’t matter if you have the original model or the second generation one, you can do many things with your Apple pencil along with drawing and writing. Several things can be done with Apple Pencil. For example- Were you aware of the […]

How To Make Phone Read Out SMS To You?

A few taps can save your time! Everyone knows that you can send SMS, but the only a couple of people know that Android gadgets shall be able to read them to them by the OS voice commands. Best ways to make your phone read to you The method of turning on ‘Ok Google’ Firstly, […]

How To Make ‘Memories’ Photo Slideshows On iPhone and iPad?

Generally, a pattern of slideshows follows whenever you imagine things in your mind. Slideshows are always basically easy to make and fun to watch. Fortunately, Memories are the type of slideshows that can be made by the iPhone or iPad. Most of the people find it amazing and it even saves a lot of time. […]

How To Lock Applications On Android Phones?

Get a lock on an application and prevent others from peeking into it. Luckily, there are a few methods by which you can lock certain applications. It will help not only in maintaining your secret stuff’s privacy but also in leading tension free life. Here’s the way of locking application on Android. The method of […]

How to Copy URLs from the Open Tabs

What will you do if you have to close your browser, but you don’t want to close all other tabs? It is entirely possible that your browser is getting cluttered for the main reason that many tabs are open. What will you do if you want to reclaim resources that are being used by your […]