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Windows 10X: Containers Features, Win32, UWP Apps & Other Features

Microsoft’s Windows 10X is a new operating system that may seem complicated but offers an amazing user experience. Windows 10X is currently only made for dual-screen or foldable display laptop devices. Microsoft is working to make it less complicated to use to accompany its efficient UI and functions. IFor the developers, Microsoft is releasing emulators […]

What to Do When Google Suspends Your Business Account

Google never favours those accounts whose work is against the policy of Google and algorithm. If you did something against the policy of Google, then it will suspend your account for violating the term. Even if you never did it intentionally, they will still suspend because they know people trust them a lot and countless […]

Witcher 3: Guide to Alchemy at The Continent

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is full of numerous techniques and abilities that Geralt use in The Continent.  Among several types of abilities, Alchemy is certainly among the best of them. Alchemy can be used in several things just like, healing, bombs, weapons and many more things. From any other adventure and magic game, Witcher 3: […]

How to Restore WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android Devices

In the field of texting and sharing the media WhatsApp can easily be considered the most popular choice. People prefer to use WhatsApp because it’s easy to use and available on both Android and iOS devices. People use WhatsApp for several purposes and sometimes switching devices can be a huge problem for them. It is […]

Best iMessage App Tips and Tricks for iphone, iPad, and Mac

The iMessage chat app and its newly introduced blue bubble feature have made most of the people addicted to iPhones and iPad. The feature is providing rich user experience to the people, and you can feel free in sending not only messages but full-size photos and videos also. It could be said that this Apple’s […]

Witcher Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Story, and Timeline Details

The Witcher series is one of the most popular shows streaming on Netflix, and it has almost bewitched the viewers. The first season of the series was based on the collections of short stories such as The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, exploring the original paths of the characters – Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri. […]

Major PS Plus Change May Become a Trend

Sony has revealed the inclusion of Firewall Zero Hour for February as the third bonus game for the subscribers of  PS Plus. It indicates the potential future pattern of the games introduced by the subscription service, and the fans would become able to build up a catalog including the PSVR games offered by Sony at […]

How to Get Off the Flying Nimbus in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The gamers have already gotten their hands on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. The game has previously been released on the Pc, Playstation 4 and Xbox one and not only the developers of this game but also the fans are equally excited. Dragon Ball Z is a role-playing game full of fighting and action which will […]

Fire Emblem: DLC Adding the Fourth Secret House

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game was based on tactical role-playing and remained the center attraction of gamers for the right reasons. The game had a tremendous story along with strategic combating style. The developing team of Intelligent systems worked on developing the characters and […]

Destiny 2: Everything to Do Before Season of Dawn Ends

The season 10 of Destiny 2, Worthy is going to replace the current season of Dawn in Destiny 2 and with this, the season nine will come to its end. There are some important things that the fans should do before the season ends as afterward many contents will also disappear. These contents are essential […]