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How to Disable the Safe Mode Option on Tumblr

Some blogs on Tumblr get filtered when you enabled the Safe Mode feature. Do you want to disable the safe mode option on Tumblr? Then follow the instructions mentioned in this article. Steps to disable the safe mode option on Tumblr Open the default browsing application. Go to the Press on the Sign-in option. It […]

How to Edit Your Facebook Post After Posting

Same as the other social platforms. Facebook does not permit you to edit the images once you have posted it. After uploading the images, you are not able to alter it. If you want to edit your Facebook post after posting, then follow the instructions mentioned in this article. Here’s how to edit your Facebook […]

How to Change DNS Settings in D-Link and TP-Link Router

Changing the DNS server of a router isn’t tricky and it is beneficial many times. And doing so helps to overcome many problems, such as low speed, chances of attack, as well as heavy load issues. It doesn’t require enough to change the router’s DNS server settings, all you have to do is sign in […]

How to Add, Change or Delete Payment Method from PlayStation 4

To make your purchases convenient, PlayStation 4 stores your payment method, so that your subscriptions renew automatically or you can make further purchases easily and quickly. The information you had used to buy any game or subscription will be saved to your PlayStation 4 console. However, there are some other methods of payment, such as […]

ABC and Marvel Collaborate For A New Superhero Series

After the recent announcement of Marvel’s Agents of Shield ending, ABC is in the talks again with a new female superhero series collaboration with Marvel. ABC was the first network to land a Marvel TV series, and the network is all set to ride the success wave of Agents of Shield. Marvel’s Agents of Shield was initially […]

How to Cast Oculus Quest Games to your TV or Mobile Display

Without a doubt, playing games on VR is a realistic experience. But, sometimes you may also want to show your gaming to your friend or someone from your family. But how? At a given time, only one person can see what is happening inside the VR. Thankfully, with your Oculus Quest, you’ve also got the […]

PUBG Mobile Releases A New Look for Erangel

PUBG Mobile has been the most influential mobile game in the battle royale genre, and Tencent seems keen to keep it up. Only within a year of its release, PUBG has become such a phenomenon which was never expected. Google awarded the game the title of Best Game of the Year 2018. The game is a […]

How to Turn On and Set Up Voice Control in iOS 13?

The new iOS 13 has introduced the all-new feature of Voice Control accessibility.  It may sound very similar to Siri, but in reality it is a totally different thing when compared with Siri. You can control almost every function and feature of your device through the voice controls of iOS 13. It is a compelling […]

How to Change the Password of Your Hulu Account

Changing password on a regular basis can enhance the security and protection of your Hulu account because it contains your private card details. Anyone who gets access to your Hulu password can easily fetch your personal data. In this article, we are going to tell you how to change the password on your Hulu account. […]

Add a Recovery Email to Microsoft Account

Don’t want to lose access to your Outlook or Hotmail account? Add a recovery email to your Microsoft account. A recovery email helps in the password resetting process when you forget the password of an account. If recovery or secondary email is linked to the account, then a link or verification email that is required […]