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How to Use an Amazon Echo as an Intercom

By using Amazon Echo speakers, you can setup many room intercoms. The Drop In feature works well in Echo devices. Use your Amazon Echo devices as intercom by following the steps given below. Steps to Rename the Amazon Echo You can enter the default name of the different Amazon Echo devices. It is easy to […]

Top 5 Best Budget Drones of 2019

Wondering what could be the best budget drones in 2019? Today we are going to talk about just that.  Most of the drones are equipped with a high definition camera, which is capable of shooting videos and capture photos in the mid-air. Below are some best budget drones which are reviewed by hundreds of people […]

Top 5 Best Intel and AMD Motherboards of 2019

Some people think that motherboards aren’t that important, and they serve as a foundation of your CPU components, but this is not true. Motherboard matters a lot when it comes to building a high-end computer. Every motherboard has different capabilities such as maximum RAM, supported graphics cards, compatible processors, etc. These factors matter a lot, […]

Top 5 Best Facebook Marketing Tools of 2019

Wondering what the best Facebook Advertising tools of 2019 are? Do you know that Facebook has over 2 billion visitors per month? If yes, then you will think that reaching users on Facebook would be very easy, but it is certainly not true. The competition is very tough for marketers on Facebook. There are 60 […]

5 Best Gaming Monitors Available in 2019

If you want an ideal gaming monitor, there are a variety of options available in the market. Some offer exceptional image quality while some are famous because of their affordable price. It is not easy to find a monitor that offers everything at a nominal cost. However, we will mention the best monitors here that […]

How to Easily Hide Apps on Android Phones

If you do not find it safe to share your phone with others because of a few apps, you can choose to hide the apps that you don’t want to be opened by others. There are ideal third-party apps available for hiding apps on your phone. The best ways for hiding apps on Android are […]

How to Set Up and Use Wi-Fi Hotspot in Your Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 allows the users to broadcast the internet connection as Wi-Fi hotspot. You can broadcast any internet connection either you’ve Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data. By doing some simple settings in the settings app, you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot in your Windows 10 PC. Once you complete settings, you can connect and […]

How to Install Lakka OS and Play Classic Video Games on Windows PC

Want to play your favorite childhood game on your Windows PC? Many of you’ve grown up playing classic video games, possibly sometimes you miss them and wish to play again. But, they are for a specific type of system that isn’t available in this era. Here is a way “Lakka OS” that turn back the […]

5 Best Lightweight Laptops Available in 2019

There are times when we feel like or have to work remotely or from home. It is essential to have a laptop if you wish to work remotely. The weight of the laptop matters a lot if you plan to carry it around for work. In that case, you can explore the lightest laptops available […]

5 Best Google Assistant-enabled Devices in 2019

Nowadays, most to the smart home devices are compatible with Google Assistant. Things have been a lot easier with the use of this virtual assistant, developed by Google. Controlling music, videos, TV, and more is effortless now. However, there are a few outstanding gadgets that work best with the Google Assistant. Let’s check them out. […]