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Recognizing & Managing Short-Term Memory Loss in Older Adults

Short-term memory loss means forgetting recent events. It’s common with age. It may also indicate dementia, brain injury, or mental illness. Short-term memory stores recently acquired knowledge. Scientists divide working memory and short-term memory. Short-term memory is usually discussed without distinctions. To deal with short-term memory loss, Convalescent Care Edmonton provides you with all of […]

Which Home Care Services Are Must For Seniors

According to AARP data, over three-quarters of senior persons prefer to remain in place. However, for elders, limited mobility, difficulty completing domestic activities, and cognitive impairment can make aging at home unpleasant and dangerous. Home care is nonmedical assistance provided by carers or assistants in your home. It may be a great balance for older […]

Difference Between Home Health Care & Non-Medical Home Care Services

The amount of medically competent care provided by home health care workers is the main distinction between home health care and non-medical home care. Home health care is medically educated and licensed personnel who provide care to patients in their homes. To restore health and freedom is an alternative to getting treatment in a nursing […]