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How Do I Add Websites To My Kaspersky Safe Money Database?

Online banking is not always as safe as people think it is, and ignoring this fact might make them suffer the influence of cybercrime. Therefore, to protect users across the world against online banking scams and account hacking strategies of cyber intruders, Kaspersky total security has developed Kaspersky Safe money for a protected transaction and […]

Problem with Microsoft Office Activation Wizard – Step to Rectify

Microsoft Office has never been free to use, so you ultimately have to download it in order to enjoy its exclusive benefits. Also, when you use an Office suite without activating it (adding the activation/product key), a window reading ‘Microsoft Office Activation Wizard’ pops of every time you start afresh with any of the Office […]

MS Office OneDrive Lets You Choose Folders To Sync To Your Computer

To Install Office setup is the initial task every user does on a new computer. The need of Office productivity suite has become a mandatory part of a computer as well professional life. Moreover, Microsoft Office applications are preferred for educational use. Among a bunch of useful applications, OneDrive is that is highly used by professionals to […]

Microsoft Office Error 1935 of Assembly Component During Installation (Solved)

Microsoft Office is today the most used productivity suite in the computing world and is available to users since 1990. All these years, it has dramatically transformed and upgraded from Office 1.0 to Office 365. The method to download MS Office through is pretty simple and takes only a few minutes to install.   While the […]

Be Sure Of Your Online Shopping Transactions With Kaspersky Security

Kaspersky internet security is a powerful antivirus program that offers security features for a discrete range of options. Family and Kaspersky Security Cloud bring personal security attributes understanding that online shopping can also cause you a big loss. Kaspersky Safe Money is a specially designed web browser extension to protect sensitive data. Its prime purpose is […]

How to manage to share your Microsoft Office subscription?

If you have purchased Microsoft Office subscription for multiple devices then managing all those devices is necessary for the smoothing functioning of this productivity software. Now managing includes sharing the subscription with more devices, stop some devices to access the Office subscription you have purchased from and more. Let’s read about it in detail: Managing Office […]

How do I recover my McAfee account login access? Users who lose their McAfee account login access do not have the permit to perform any of the tasks. The problem majorly happens with McAfee retail card users, since they usually login when the product renewal or activation is required. However, If you have not lost the access of your account on, you can easily […]

A brief introduction to Microsoft Office and Office Setup

Microsoft office is a packet of various tools like: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and many more. They, in collaborated form, fulfill all your office as well as your home based requirements. Office Setup is a setup file required to download, install, and then activate MS Office via You can either download, install it online from […]

How to change Microsoft Office theme to Dark Mode

Microsoft Office setup comprises of multiple themes, yet recently a new dark mode was added to the theme list. Facilitating users with different preferences, Office setup has made it easier for those who like to work on a darker screen. Users with an active subscription of Office setup 365 can download and install the productivity suite with […]

Forget your McAfee Account Password? Here is how you can recover it!

There is no gainsaying a McAfee account holds as much importance as your email account. It helps in managing all your McAfee anti-viruses subscriptions, to check their renewal or expiration date, to modify your personal or payment details, to check the McAfee product key, and to download McAfeeactivate via, respectively. At times, you may see a technical […]