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About Author: BASIS ID is a leading AML KYC service provider that offers the best quality of ID verification software to financial institutions, banks, and regulated businesses. The software is made with state-of-the-art technology and has information only from the best databases. The software works on a fuzzy matching algorithm giving you real-time monitoring. You will get daily updates about accurate PEP profiles from 245 countries. So, start working on your AML compliance strategy with BASIS ID.

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BASIS ID: Look Out for Next-Gen KYC Verification Solutions

The world is coming closer day by day, and you must thank the innovative scientists and engineers who are inventing technology that is making all this possible. With innovation, there is always a risk associated. Today, the banking sector is offering so many benefits to its customers and employees, but what they always fear is […]

BASIS ID: Providing Robust ID Verification Process for Efficient AML Compliance

Most financial institutions and banks want to implement an efficient AML compliance program to increase the security of online transactions. Not just the financial sector, but several companies from non-financial sectors also find the need to employ a strong AML compliance program. For example, certain gaming companies will be next in line to implement this program […]

Know Everything about KYC/AML Process at One Place

Do you know what the top priority of every industry or organization is inthe financial sector? Yes, of course, the protection of financial assets. But there is something else that also requires the same attention and security. Do you know what we are talking about? Well, you can take a wild guess? Well, it is […]

BASIS ID: Get the Fastest AI Technology for KYC Verification

The banking and the financial sector need quick processing tools as in such sectors one has to deal with multiple customers in a day. Maintaining and tracking information of each customer in the systems is important to make sure that in the future there are no troubles in accessing their banking details. Most of you […]

Searching for a Robust KYC/AML solution? Contact BASIS ID now

The advent of the Internet and its advancement over time has drastically changed the way we interact with the world. Starting from procuring daily utility items to making online transactions, every activity involves the use of the Internet. Banks and fintech firms are the biggest users of Internet services for making monetary transactions easy through […]

Important Things to View When Choosing a KYC Service Provider

How are you verifying the identity of your customers since everything has become online and you cannot see them face-to-face? Or what’s your master plan on protecting your financial institute from thefts and money launderers? Have you got any idea? If not, don’t worry because we have found a robust and powerful tool that will […]

Get the Latest KYC Verification Software from BASIS ID

Money laundering and theft have become one of the fastest-growing crimes in the area of money. That is why financial sectors have started using different ways to verify the identity of their partners and customers. Out of all the tools and methods used by the financial sector, KYC verification is something that is quite popular. […]

BASIS ID: Providing Budget-Friendly Online Identity Verification Software Solution

Businesses these days need to screen their customers to prevent incidences of money laundering and fraud. Therefore, setting up an efficient AML compliance program is a must. Such a compliance program can be made stronger and robust with the help of an online identity verification software that has advanced screening features. An identity verification software […]

Identity Screening Solution: An Important Tool for Strong AML Compliance Program

Money laundering and fraud have become commonplace these days since most transactions take place through online channels. To prevent the incidences of money laundering and theft, every business must set up an AML compliance program. Such a program will help businesses spot fraudsters and make it difficult for them to get away with illegal gains. But […]

Get the Best Software and Solutions from BASIS ID

Okay, so let us ask you one thing straight – what is that one thing that has become the greatest threat to financial institutions? It is money laundering. That’s right! Therefore, it becomes very important for you to know your customers if you are working in the financial sector. You will be surprised to know […]