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Exploring the Power of TV Advertising

Are TV ads more effective? This is one of the most common concerns of many businesses, regardless of size. Of course, it’s quite normal to be sceptical about whether or not to invest in TV advertising because of the emergence of subscription video-on-demand and online video platforms such as YouTube. But, the fact is, despite […]

Minty Fresh Mornings on the Ride to Work: An Innovative Twist to Bus Advertising

As a way to fully optimise bus advertising, an idea came about using scents to create a multisensory bus campaign for the toothpaste brand of “Darlie” in Singapore, by Wavemaker & Media Taurus, AllSense, and Hawley & Hazel. The bus advertising initiative uses the scent of Darlie’s signature double mint, a mix of Peppermint and Spearmint […]

Payback finds best FMCG returns, untapped advertising mediums?

TV has been found to be one of, if not the, best medium for brands to invest in over the years, with many well-known brands making their investments onto television consistently that spans decades. Yet it also brings the question if is it TV that is the best medium to go through, or simply other […]

OOH Advertising Sector Shows Promise in 2021 Q2

A report recently released by OMA found that the out of home industry which covers billboard advertising and OOH advertising posted a total of $203.3 million for this year’s second quarter as compared to the same period last year. The financial performance of the sector rose by 125% in the quarter. Another important finding of the report […]

Benefits of TV Advertising

Television has been around for more than nine decades. It has proven itself able to withstand the test of time and is still even growing in scale. Just in Australia, TV advertising and entertainment reaches an average of 18 million people per week generating fame and word-of-mouth that no other media can achieve. This medium was first […]

Why choose Tv advertising?

Advertising is an activity, a mass communication, and a profession of producing or making advertisements of commercial products and services being addressed to the public. One can say that the advertising campaign is successful if it did attract customers and generate sales after it was published to the public. To ensure a suitable advertising for […]

TV ads – New found TV Value

TV ads – New found TV Value The power of television, especially in advertising, has always been recognized by many marketers. Creating consistent marketing materials for TV advertising has also opened up the world of brand building. Despite this, television’s ability to create awareness and maintain long-term retention has caused its other features to be overlooked, especially […]

The Wheels Go Around

Buses go everywhere, coursing around big streets to even the neighborhoods and some even go from city to city. It’s not a new sight for everyday folk, especially those using buses in their daily commute. It’s only right then to say with how they’ve become a staple in day-to-day life that many people can recall […]

Boost Sales with TV Advertisements

With the ongoing increased utilisation of other sources of communication and entertainment, television is still one of the primary staple media platforms in promoting and advertising. Crowds are tuned in with the content and attract advertisers also. People still trust the future in media promotions via television due to the evolving and growing consumer’s behavior […]

Radio Advertising in 21st Century

Since the time radio became one of the media platforms to rise along with tv, internet and other programs to be a part of communication by publication or broadcast, radio promotions have been an enormously successful and effective method in conveying a message to the crowd. Radio, like many other sources of information and entertainment, […]