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Types of ETL Testing

Types of ETL Testing The types of ETL Testing are: New Data Warehouse Testing: it’s built and verified from the core. during this testing, the input is taken from the customer’s requirement and different data sources. However, the new data warehouse is made and verified with the assistance of ETL tools. Here are the responsibilities […]

Mule ESB Overview  

Mule ESB (stands for Enterprise Service Bus) is a middleware tool by Mule. Thus, to integrate a liner bus-like infrastructure with N number of the application. It is an efficient infrastructure that facilitates standardized communication. Thus, you can use it for the sharing of data across different applications. This Mule ESB allows you to connect […]

What is ServiceNow and Its Applications?

What is ServiceNow ServiceNow may be a web application you’ll access through your browser so as to trace and automate work. Beyond that basic explanation, ServiceNow may be a bit just like the software equivalent of the blind men and an elephant parable. What ServiceNow is to you depends largely on which piece of it […]

Workday Integration: An Overview

Today, the things driving the competitive advantage of the business environment are integrated enterprise solutions and user experience. Workday is a leader in providing enterprise cloud applications for human resources and finance. Moreover, it is becoming the central attraction for the enterprise HR environment much faster. It also offers a SaaS application built for the […]

Top 10 ServiceNow Interview Questions

1) what’s ServiceNow? ServiceNow may be a cloud based IT Service Management (ITSM) tool. It provides one system of record for: IT services Operations Business management All aspects of IT Services sleep in the ServiceNow ecosystem. It gives us an entire view of services and resources. this enables for broad control of the way to […]

Benefits of the PEGA CSSA certification

Benefit for you: Separates you from your peers-makes you worthy and marketable This increases your level of self-confidence and shows that your skills are present. Shows commitment when not requiring certification Company Benefits: Speeds time to market by improving production and reducing costs. Rises the level of competence of their teams Improves quality of implementation, […]

Explain test automation using UiPath

Enhancing automation in every field is a key contributor to a successful digital transformation. They may be either software robots that perform business processes or tests that assess the quality and both contribute to sustainable business growth and enhance operational efficiency. UiPath is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool that offers desktop automation with drag-drop […]

What is PEGA CSSA?

  PEGA CSSA is an acronym for PEGA Certified Senior System Architect. PEGA CSSA Pega Certification designed for Developers who had completed their CSA Certification. Moreover, it wishes to enhance existing PEGA skills. This certification validates the ability of a developer to use PEGA to design and build for reusability across different parts of the […]

PEGA Database management

PEGA Platform is a platform for management of business processes (BPM), and management of customer relationships (CRM). PEGA helps companies and agencies build business apps quickly that deliver the results and end-to – end customer experiences they need. This guide assumes you have a basic familiarity with the command line for Cloud Shell, Cloud SQL, […]

What are the main Components of UiPath?

UiPath may be a Windows desktop Robotic Process Automation Software designed to automate business processes within organizations. It empowers businesses to perform better by automating any quite repetitive tasks like data entry, data or content migration, screen scraping, web scraping, and testing. Uipath may be a leader among RPA technologies because it helps to automate […]