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Top 6 Touch Screen Games for Windows 10 Devices

You can get various great games in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. But when it comes to touch-based games, there are very few ones. The list of best five touch screen games on Windows 10 is given below, check it out! Source : Top 6 Touch Screen Games for Windows 10 Devices 1. Fallout Shelter […]

Top 5 Best URL Shorteners in 2019

Google’s URL shortening service was one of the best and renowned services for creating shortened URLs. However, the service is no longer available for use as the tech-giant has discontinued it for new users. Its existing users will be able to use the same service for one more year though. Shortening your URLs for […]

5 Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android and iPhone

Snapchat is an exciting app to click and share unique selfies. It comes with plenty of heartwarming filters that make you look different and enhance your beauty. However, plenty of other apps also let you take selfies with interesting filters and allows you to share on the internet too. Have fun with these filter apps […]

Alexa Is Your New Super Intelligent Assistant

You will realize that the Amazon Echo voice assistant, otherwise called Alexa, is an efficiency gadget. Without a doubt, Amazon assembled it to get you to purchase more merchandise, play more music. However, it is quite a lot more.  My most loved Alexa feature is the section where you can associate the assistant to plan […]

Guide to the Latest Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence has cited that China is leading in the race of publishing AI research papers, both high-impact, and beginner level papers. It is estimated from the data collected that China is likely to publish more top papers by 2020 as compared to the US. Source : Guide to the Latest Developments in […]

Application of Big Data Across Different Sectors

Technology has come to the horizon of developing intelligent automatons. This has become possible owing to huge developments in technology infrastructure and information. One such modern development is Big Data. Big Data is a field that treats extremely large datasets for better analytics and computational results. It is already on its way to transforming a […]

How To Tweak Facebook Privacy Settings?

Worried about your Facebook privacy? Don’t get worried! Go through this blog carefully to know the correct way of tweaking your online privacy settings.                Source : Put strong password Ensure your privacy by setting a strong password of your Facebook account. Go through the given instructions to set […]

How To Use Apple True Tone?

If you have seen any of the latest iOS devices, then you may have noticed a new option added to it in settings. ‘True Tone’ is a feature that makes the color of the screen proper. It is worth noting that it was first introduced in some of the iOS devices for the first time […]

How to Get Super Bowl Tickets on iPhone with StubHub

Given that two teams are all set for participating in “Super Bowl LIII”, fans will now rush to pick up the tickets. Especially, if you have to see the big game in person. What is the Super Bowl? Super Bowl is an annual championship game of National Football League. This game is the culmination of […]

How to Customise Lock Screen of Windows 10

Yes, you can make your screen wonderful and productive.  Your screen is something that you are abided to. Whenever you sit in front of your computer, you stare at your screen. You see It even when you are entering your password for unlocking the windows.  The lock screen of Windows 10 is usable in several […]