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Top 10 TikTok Video Ideas to Gain More Followers

TikTok is a very famous video-sharing social media platform, known for the funny and crazy videos you can create on it. The app is particularly popular in teenagers and also has 200 and above million monthly users on both iOS and Android. In the past few years, the platform has shown tremendous growth in terms […]

How to Change the TikTok Location

Among the popular social networking platforms, there is a widely popular one named TikTok. The application provides several tools and features to create a short clip of video ranging from 15 seconds to a minute. These videos are to attract the followers and this increasing fan following. One can share their views, emotions, and even […]

How to Update Your Vizio Smart TV

If you have purchased the latest Vizio smart TV and are searching for ways of becoming more familiar with its functionalities then read on. Almost every company introduces updates regularly for their devices either to improve their services or to add some new features. Similarly, Vizio smart TVs also get updates, usually to make the […]

How to Add and Manage Amazon Prime Video Profiles

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime now has a profile feature so that every person on the account can have their separate feed. You no longer need to worry about weird recommendations and lost saved shows. You can share your Amazon Prime subscription now with 5 other people and enjoy binge-watching. But first, you need to […]

How to Use Dropbox on iPhone and iPad

Dropbox app is a software that stores all kinds of files, documents and images to save some space on your device. You can also recover the files if you deleted them via Dropbox. You can either insert your files manually or let the app automatically upload and sync it. It keeps your data safe and […]

Google’s Latest Pixel Features Include a Safety Check for When You’re Walking Alone

Google has announced the new features of its smartphone, Pixel. Google stated that there are several new features about to get added in the Pixel Smartphone, including the safety check feature. The feature is developed for the security concern of the users; the safety check will ask the users about their condition while they are […]

“It’s Not the Time to Celebrate” – Google Postpones the Launch of Android 11 Beta

If you have Pixel 2XL and are eagerly waiting for the latest version of the Android 11 Beta, then there is news for you. Initially, this version is expected to launch in May. The company was going to launch the latest version in the conference of the Google I/O Developers, but due to the ongoing […]

7 Tools On Pinterest You Just Can’t Miss

While all the other social media platforms were gaining tremendous importance in the light of marketing and advertising, Pinterest has always been a neglected gem. Not many knew how this vast collection of pictures could be a fantastic stage for companies seeking brand awareness. Initially, brands were hesitant to use Pinterest to promote their products. […]

Twitter & Facebook To Allow Employees to Work From Home Permanently

Twitter and Facebook are going to allow its employees to work from home permanently. Here is an overview of the whole matter. Both social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, are going to follow the work from home model. Both companies have decided to allow most of the employees remote working indefinitely. It seems that both […]

Changes Made in Al Capone’s life in Tom Hardy’s New Film Capone

The prohibition era of the USA had led to the rise of various popular gangsters of that time. Al Capone will always remain on the top of the list whenever anyone across the world thinks of powerful American mobsters. The infamous life of Capone has been shown several times through films, TV shows, or even […]