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About Author: Bohemian Vibes is an Australian owned online store specialising in affordable bohemian inspired women's clothing and accessories, as well as boho chic home décor; including our popular handmade mandala bedding , wide range of women’s bohemian style clothing and accessories. They are one of the best afterpay stores Australia offering captivating bohemian clothing and accessories.

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Tips to Choose the Right Quilt Cover Set for Your Bedroom

Are you tired of looking at the same quilt cover sets at home? Are you planning on buying new quilt cover sets? Then you have come to the right place. When you decide to buy new quilt cover sets for your bedroom, it is important to choose the one that suits your needs. If you […]

Want to Achieve a Boho Chic Look? Get These Items

Who doesn’t love boho-chic outfits? Of course, everyone does. After all, boho clothing online looks great, it is comfortable, and it never goes out of style. Also, you can get tons of boho-chic outfit inspiration from Pinterest to look better each day. If you have never tried boho outfits, maybe you might feel overwhelmed when […]

5 Advantages of Wearing Bohemian Style Clothing

We all are aware of the growing love for bohemian style in the masses. We all must have donned a bohemian outfit once in our lives or would have been eyeing over boho dresses online to purchase from the internet. But you might be wondering why the bohemian style clothing is so in trend and […]

Reasons Why Bohemian Theme is Trending

The bohemian theme is something that has everyone attracted. It is an unconventional and right now the most popular and trendy theme. People decorate their rooms in bohemian theme style from quilt covers online Australia to the furniture; they want everything in the bohemian theme. If you are someone who likes this theme, then you […]

Must-Have Boho Dress You Need Right Now

Honestly speaking, the boho style has made its way back to the present fashion trend, and couldn’t be happier. After all, boho style is all about style, freedom, colors, and happiness. The details in boho clothes, the silhouettes, and the pattern make the entire outfit look so good. If you also love boho dresses and […]

Transform Your Home with The Latest Boho Chic Home Décor Style

You might already know that your home décor can affect your physical and mental well-being.Positive and colourful home décor can bring in lots of positive energy and make you feel at peace. It can also increase your focus and concentration. So, if you are experiencing low energy and negative vibes in your home, you might […]

Items that Can Improve Your Boho Clothing

Clothing is something that defines your personality. People often tend to have impressions about people based on their clothing. So, it would be a good idea to dress the way your personality is Boho clothing online is one such fine example of clothing style that is loved by everyone because it represents free soul. If you are […]

How to Not Do Boho Home Decor!

If you are impressed by the boho style and want to decorate your home with the trendy mandala bedding and other boho chic items, keep reading. This post will help you understand “how to not do boho home decor”. That’s right! We assume that you might have read a lot of posts on how to create a […]

Get Your Hands of Jasse Clothing at Local Australian Stores

Every woman wants to look desirable and for that, they opt for stylish clothing, accessories, shoes, and makeup. When you walk in a room full of people, you desire that people should turn their heads to look at you. That is why you do not settle at one store to find the dress that you […]

Embrace Your Inner Boho with These Tips

We would be lying if we say that we don’t like the 70’s popular boho trend that is making its way back. Or this style has actually made its way back because you can see this colourful and positive trend everywhere. It almost feels like the world has been painted with the vibrant colours of […]