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About Author: Bohemian Vibes is an Australian owned online store specialising in affordable bohemian inspired women's clothing and accessories, as well as boho chic home décor; including our popular handmade mandala bedding , wide range of women’s bohemian style clothing and accessories. They are one of the best afterpay stores Australia offering captivating bohemian clothing and accessories.

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Spruce Up Your Bedroom with Boho Style Décor from Bohemian Vibes

While decorating the interior of your house, you might think that having big furniture pieces, portraits, and chandeliers will provide the needed aesthetic. Yes, sure they will! But what will enhance their beauty and overall appearance of your home are the accessories. Yes, that’s right! Accessories will play a major role in making the interior […]

Go Boho With Trendy Bohemian Clothes

In the fashion world, new trends come and go. But the boho trend has gained quite a good reputation and has stayed for a while. There are many people who just love this style and never get bored with the unique and colourful print i.e. boho. And the proof of boho style’s popularity is endorsed […]

Upgrade the Interior Décor of Your Home with Bohemian Vibes

For quite a while, you have been thinking of changing the interior of your house that would give it a fresh look. You have been on the Internet looking for some new ideas but didn’t find anything that click with you. We understand such a situation, and hence, we have done some intense research on […]

Say Yes to the Latest Boho Chic Décor

If you are interested in home decor, you would know that for years, boho home décor items have ruled the market. In the 90’s bohemian has dominated nearly every magazine and retailer catalogue. But the trend had slowly lost its charm. However, good news is that now there are so many online stores that are […]

Buy the Trendy Boho Chic Home Décor from Trusted Store

Probably you have landed on this page because you also like boho chic home décor items a little more just like most of us but don’t know how to pull it off. Well, do not worry anymore because in this article we are going to talk about the different ways that you can follow to nail the […]

Why You Need a Makeover For Your House in Every Few Years

Having a house is indeed a blessing, but to maintain the spice and colour of your house. You need to do various things in order to maintain the property from inside and outside. Investing money in redecorating your house and getting the interiors done every now and then keeps your house fresh and likeable. If […]

Upgrade Your Sofa and Quilts with the Best Boho Covers

Take a look around yourself. If you are reading this sitting in the comfort of your home, you are probably sitting on your sofa or bed, right? Don’t they seem old and boring? Well, now is the exact moment when you can change everything from dull and boring to colourful and vibrant. And all this […]

How To Find The Best Doona or Quilt Covers?

The market today is filled with Doona covers. But, the main question here is how can you find the best Boho Doona cover? Well, the task is tough. And therefore, we are here to help you. Here are some tips and tricks to find the best stuff. So, without wasting another moment, dig in: 1. The Design: Well, […]

Express Your Free-Spirited Self with Boho Fashion and Home Décor

There are some people who work with the hands of the clock. They have fixed timings and boring desk jobs that demand no creativity and breed monotony! But, if your day begins with sunshine entering your room through the glass windows and not the alarm clock and if you don’t conform to the society’s set […]

Fall in Love with Boho Apparels and Never Go Out of Style!

This is the age of trendsetting in which people want to own one-of-a-kind apparels in their closet. They have become much picky about their styles and go for the ones that can have the charm and funky side all at once! Even fashion bloggers do not shy away from wearing unconventional clothes and delve into […]