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How to Achieve or Give the Top Fan Badge on Facebook

If you use Facebook regularly, you might have noticed the users with Top Fan badge, in the comment section or the page. It appears like a little jewel icon and makes users stand out from others on Facebook. This feature was rolled out last year  on Facebook and is very popular now. Let’s know more […]

7 Best Websites for Checking Out New Music Releases

With easy internet accessibility, it has been easy for music enthusiasts to listen to new music right after its release. There are a lot of services that help you stay updated with new music releases. Earlier, it was possible to know about new buzzing music through a particular music magazine or radio station only. But, […]

7 Best Teleprompter Apps to Use in 2019

Teleprompters are not only for TV reporters these days. In today’s technology-based world, content creators and budding videographers also use them for boosting their quality of production. There are various teleprompter apps available now for using on Android and Apple devices as well. It is possible now to turn your handy iPhone or iPad, smartphone, […]

Top 5 Best RetroPie Controllers of 2019

If you are a retro gaming enthusiast, then you might be looking for a perfect retro gaming controller. Today, we are going to talk on just that. The wired controllers have now gone old fashioned, and today, most of the gamers are using wireless gamepad or joysticks. Wireless joysticks have several advantages such you can […]

Top 5 Best RC Boats of 2019

Do you love RC toys? The RC boats are a fantastic way to entertain ourselves. These types of gadgets are beneficial for some jobs. The modern RC boats are equipped with the latest technology. Let’s explore some of the best RC boats of 2019. TOYEN GordVE This boat is crazy fast and can reach up […]

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on PC and MacBook

You may be wanting to switch to a Linux OS, for different reasons. Maybe you are looking for more stability or increased privacy. Whatever the reason may be, here is how you can install Ubuntu Linux on your computer. Preparing to Download Here is the process of installing Ubuntu Linux. Follow the instructions carefully. •    […]

How to Reset your MacBook Pro

There are many reasons to reset your MacBook Pro, like when it runs very slow, the sound does not work properly, has display issues,  takes a lot of time to start up, overheating, crashing and many other typical issues. So, here are some steps help you reset your MacBook Pro. Reset the NVRAM Here is […]

How to Save YouTube Videos in iOS Devices

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save videos on YouTube to watch them later? While the YouTube app does come with a video saving feature, there are other ways to do so too. Let’s check out the process of saving YouTube videos in iOS devices. Install Document 6 Application Here is the process of […]

5 Best Apps To Watch Formula 1 Live

If you are very fond of F1 car racing, then you have come to the right place. F1 racing enthusiasts always look for the excitement and thrill in the F1 cars racing. So, here are the best five apps to watch Formula 1 racing. 1. F1 TV F1 TV is one of the best places […]

5 Best Apps For Scuba Diving in 2019

Deep sea or scuba diving is a breathtaking adventure for sure. Exploring the world that exists under deep water is like heaven for many divers around the globe. Scuba diving is quite full of adventure and peace. It is considered one of the best to-do activities across the globe. So, here’s the list of best […]