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How to Manage Privacy and Security Settings in Safari on Mac?

The web browser saves all the browsing information, cache, and cookies. To improve your cyber privacy, you may want to tweak the privacy and security settings of the Safari browser on your Mac. Let’s get started. Note:- Apple keeps rolling out new features and tweaks for Safari. Safari offers a number of privacy and security […]

How to Make a Time Lapse Video in iMovie

Making time lapse in iMovie is a difficult task for some users but is at fingertips for others. Creating time lapse is as easy as it sounds. If you are among the users who do not know how to make a time lapse in iMovie then you have come to the right place. Here is […]

How to Reverse the Scrolling Direction in Windows 10

The touchpad and mouse are important input devices on Windows 10. If you are using the touchpad with the laptop or the mouse with the computer, then you can reverse the scrolling direction through the Settings tab. You can also customize the Registry as per your wish. If you want to do it, then follow the […]

How to Remove Trayapp.msi File

Do you want to use the HP software? But are you still facing the trayapp.msi file error? Then this article will help you to get rid of these errors. You just need to check whether your system is protected, repair the software, and reinstall the HP software. You can also use computer optimizer tool and the […]

How to Remove InstallShield Update Manager

If you wish to uninstall the InstallShield Update Manager, then you can do this by using the InstallShield Update Service. You can also disable the InstallShield processes from the Task Manager and uninstall all the files manually. In this article, you will get to know the steps to remove InstallShield Update Manager on your computer. […]

How to Troubleshoot Dota 2 Performance or Game Crashes Issues

So, you’re unable to play Dota 2 with your team or it is playing with difficulties. Playing an online multiplayer game with performance issue is very irritating. Possibly, this is annoying for you if you have a Dota team and play habitually with your friends. Dota 2 can be played on all popular operating systems, […]

How to Troubleshoot Error Code 0x80071ac3 – The Volume is Dirty

Encountering an error while copying a file on your computer? Copying has been stopped and displaying an error message with the ‘Try Again’ button. Check the error code in the prompt; it must be 0x80071ac3. This problem doesn’t only happen while copying the files; Error 0x80071ac3 could also appear when the deleting process fails. Don’t […]

How to Reset Amazon Video Pin?

If you use Amazon Prime and have kids in your household, then you may have set up the Amazon Video PIN. Amazon Video PIN can be set up and changed from your Amazon account. In case you do not know how then read on. Through Computer If you want to transfer your files through macOS, […]

How To Fix Common Safari Issues On Mac

Safari is an ideal browser to use on Mac and other iOS devices. It is amongst the fastest and very easy to use browsers designed for Mac. The browser has amazing add-ons, which makes browsing quite smooth and convenient. Sometimes, the browser gets errors which trouble users a lot. The issue often occurs due to […]

How To Fix Battery Life Issues On MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is indeed the next generation advanced device with a sleek design and advanced features. MacBook Pro comes with a quite advanced 13-inch display and Touch ID. The device has several amazing features which users enjoy, and the 10 hours maximum battery life per charge makes it more preferable. Sometimes, the device causes problems […]