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How to Setup Siri Shortcuts on Waze to Navigate with iPhone

Apple comes with a new feature which permits the iOS users to access Siri Shortcuts on Waze application. When the users are using the Apple CarPlay, then they will notice that Siri commands feature is already in the Apple CarPlay. You need to activate Siri and go to the “take Home” option. It will launch […]

How to Set Up File Sharing on Windows 10

You will find this procedure difficult, but it is not that much hard to share files and folders with the other users’ system in Windows 10. The users need to go through the steps mentioned below for sharing files and folders to others in Windows 10. What are the Requirements for Sharing Files in Windows […]

How to Set Up and Pair Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch helps you to track your daily fitness and motivate their users for increasing their physical activity. It tracks your workouts by using the GPS settings and you can also check your workouts status without using your iPhone. In case you had purchased a new Apple Watch and want to know how to set […]

How to set up 2FA on your Nest Account

2-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your Next account. 2-factor authentication prevents your account from unauthorized login. This security feature helps to keep your private and personal data more safe and secure. With the 2FA enabled, along with the password you also need to enter a security code that will be sent […]

How to set custom text message tones for contacts on Android

Although it looks like an unimportant feature, it is very useful. You can set a different text tone for your colleagues, family members, and friends. Specific text tones for different persons helps you to identify the text you received is from whom. So that you can ignore the message or check it immediately. There are […]

How To Use Windows Defender Security Center?

Fortunately, Windows 10 has an in-built security feature known as Defender Security Center. This helps in keeping your system safe from unwanted elements like viruses and spyware etc. Here’s the way of using Windows Defender Security Center. The method of accessing Security Center on a Windows 10 PC Firstly, click on the search box. It […]