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How to Fix Android File now Transferring to Macbook

If you have earlier installed Android File Transfer Application on your Macbook, then you may view a warning message on your Macbook screen that says your Android phone not connected to the device. There can be numerous reasons as to why this is happening, and we will try to figure them out. Here you can […]

How To Edit Mac Hosts File On Mac (Mac OS X)

Mac has a small host file that can specify your essential documents to a given IP address. Nowadays, we all are using the internet where we use various of a public and private server to a visual IP address and block sites that are not relevant to us or unused IP addresses. You can not […]

How to Set Password Expiration Date for Local Microsoft Account

We all have this habit of using a similar password for a long time, but it is unsafe, mostly when it is used in more than one place. It is probable that in security infringe; the password can be open for all. There are different ways to set the expiry date for passwords for local […]

How to Fix “Service Registration Is Corrupt or Missing” Error on Windows 10

Service registration is corrupt or missing error can be encountered when running the troubleshooter of Windows update. Sometimes troubleshooter handles fixing the problems automatically; however, it is obvious that the act from the users requires this. Windows 10 like any other software, is always coming up with the latest updates, and it depends on the […]

How to Activate a Used iPhone?

Purchasing any used iPhone might create several issues like inability of activating the gadget on the carrier’s network. It is due to iPhone needs someone else’s Apple account, and it shall not get activated without it. If you are facing a similar situation, then we will help you out. Want to Know about Activation Lock? […]

How to Remove Someone From Hulu Account

It gets a bit annoying the time you wish watching the favorite program of yours, but each of the streams of yours is in use. In such a case you might wish to remove your friend or family member out of the Hulu account of yours. This action might stop yourself from doing, but you […]

How to Block Putlocker Pop-ups on Google Chrome?

Nobody likes Pop-Up ads, but they still exist. Almost every user gets annoyed by them and wishes to block them. If you are a put locker user, then this pop-up error will not bother you anymore as there is an in-built utility in Put locker that allows you to block these pop-up ads. Simply follow […]

Control Phone Addiction with Google’s New Tool

There are several apps through which users can easily get distracted, including Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. It is easy to get distracted with the post and updates of these apps and forget to do important things like reading news, replying to emails, or banking. In order to tackle phone addiction, users can avail […]

How to Fix Disabled File Sync for Adobe Creative Cloud?

There are several aspects that decline the Adobe Creative Cloud, and the major one was that it prevents you from syncing the files by a CC account. Here we have discussed a few possible steps that can be used to overcome the issue of Adobe CC syncing. Here are the steps to fix disabled file […]

Simpsons Ending After 31st Season Rumors

Simpsons is a show that needs no prior introduction as the late 198o released show is recognized everywhere. However, there is bad news for the fans as the show is concluding now. The animated series has won numerous awards and is the longest-running show in history. The 31st season of Simpsons has done everything which […]