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You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone

There’s a simple truth in life that you can’t be everything to everyone. For many of us with that burning desire to make a difference—that is a hard truth to swallow. We want to believe that we can help everyone, not just a handful. Maybe you started your business with the humble goal of enriching […]

Asana Basics For Business Owners

For business owners, there’s nothing worse than wasted time. Whether it’s talking about work (and getting nothing done) or spending an hour looking for information that should’ve taken you five minutes to find, that dreaded unproductive feeling is difficult to cope with. It is frustrating to continually waste time and feel the mounting overwhelm of […]

Social Listening: The Empathetic Marketer’s Best Friend

Billions of conversations are happening right now on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Around the clock and all over the world, people share what they love (and what they don’t) and discuss their problems, in hopes of discovering solutions, on social media. That’s where social listening comes in. As a business owner, knowing […]