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SHANGHAI HWIN Manufacturers Ballistic Helmet For Law Enforcement Officers

Shanghai, China 16 Nov 2022 – For over 10 years, the company has produced ballistic helmets. They are not just focused on stopping bullets but also on mitigating energy transfer to the head and protecting the officer long-term by limiting traumatic brain injuries. H WIN manufactures ballistic helmets made from a range of industry-leading protection systems. […]

H WIN Announce Offer Quality First Bulletproof Products Manufacturing

Shanghai, China Nov 06, 2022 – H WIN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of level 3 body armor plates, level 4 body armor plates, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof vests, bulletproof suits, bulletproof children’s backpacks, and so on. They believe that in an industry where the lowest specifications and price-only purchasing can pit manufacturers against […]