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About Author: By Terry is an award-winning French Luxury Beauty Brand with 1100 points of sales within 45 countries. We are partners with retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, Barneys New York and Space NK. Developed and created in France, our collection relies on exceptional, innovative and luxurious products. We have several key lines in Makeup and Skincare categories. For Makeup, the "Expert Range" targets younger customers with multi-purpose high-quality products, the "Terrybly Range” targets women with more disposable income and boasts anti-ageing skincare properties; and our "Haute Couleur Range” offers custom-made makeup. For Skincare, we have hydrating, anti-ageing, anti-pollution and cleansing ranges. By Terry also offers fragrance (available to ship only within France for .com). Recently, By Terry has launched a never-before-seen concept, the Palette Factory. A mix of counter and lab, it offers the unique opportunity for consumers to create their own bespoke palette (available in Selfridges London and Selfridges Trafford, some Sephora stores and on our website

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The Best of Both Worlds: Makeup with Skincare Benefits

You can have great skin without makeup, and you can still have great skin with the right makeup. The best beauty brands combine makeup and skincare benefits, so you don’t have to compromise. In the past, we assumed that makeup and skincare were on two totally different sides of the beauty spectrum. The gap is closing though […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Foundation for Your Face

Sometimes the masterpiece in a woman’s makeup routine lies in the creation of a flawless complexion. Every woman wants to feel confident in the foundation she is wearing. She wants her complexion to look radiant and healthy, but she doesn’t want her foundation to be perceived, preferring a natural look. So, how do you achieve […]

Why Hyaluronic Acid Is Important in Your Beauty Routine

Beauty-savvy women know that hyaluronic acid is essential to maintaining their skin’s hydration. Some even consider it the secret ingredient to smoother, fuller skin, and a key ingredient in skincare products and makeup products with skincare benefits. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in your body, with the most substantial amounts found in the skin, connective […]

What Makes Beauty Products Truly Luxurious?

True luxury beauty brands appeal to the senses. Creams should feel decadent to the touch and smell exquisite on your skin. Pigments should be pure and vibrant. Products should include high-end ingredients that effectively enhance and care for your skin. That’s what the best luxury makeup brands are all about. Your favorite brands will make […]

The Best French Beauty and Makeup Products for Sensitive Skin

Are your skincare and makeup products working in perfect harmony with your sensitive skin? If not, you can bring sensitive skin back to good health by taking a page out of the French beauty book. Your skin needs certain ingredients to heal and be radiant and healthy, including anti-inflammatories, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, to name […]

Tips for an Effortless Makeup Look—Even if It Isn’t

Achieving the minimal makeup look actually takes a little work. There’s an art to playing up the freshness factor and accentuating your features without looking too made-up. But you can achieve the natural or “barely there” makeup look with the following tips and some quality skincare and makeup products. Use High-Quality Products That Are Easy […]

Manifest Summer Radiance with French Girl Beauty Tips

Keep your look radiant and restored all summer long with a French girl approach to beauty: simple, natural, and effortless. It’s an easy pursuit, but you need to have the best multitasking products available to give yourself the low-maintenance advantage. The best French luxury makeup brands are well-versed in makeup and skincare—and makeup that offers […]

Why Luxe French Skincare and Makeup Products Are a Worthy Investment

Any beauty lover knows the appeal of luxury skincare and French makeup brands is about more than just a name. It’s the velvety textures, rich and never-creasing pigments, delicate rose-scented fragrance, and nourishing ingredients of premium beauty products that draw so many in. There’s a timeless quality to French makeup and skincare that’s not easily […]

5 Products You Need in Your French Beauty Bag

French girl beauty is about natural, clear skin with exquisitely subtle makeup. It’s an effortless look. They aren’t trying too hard to achieve a perfect appearance. It’s more about feeling and looking beautiful from the inside out, regardless of age. What’s their secret? Ask any French woman, and she’ll likely tell you that she has […]

5 Tips for Looking & Feeling Like a Natural French Beauty

The simple beauty of French women is undeniable. From the flawless barely-there makeup look to the slightly tousled hair, it’s a relaxed elegance that women everywhere welcome. The secret formula is fairly straight forward yet seemingly elusive. But ultimately, being a timeless beauty all comes down to great health, great skin, and great hair. And […]