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How to Make Instagram Stories More Engaging

Instagram Stories feature on Instagram is extremely famous amongst users. It is easy to post anything you want and connect with your followers through stories. They demand less effort in comparison with Instagram posts and simple for use as well. But if you don’t get much views or engagement on your Instagram stories, they are […]

How to Fix Your Laptop Touchpad Not Working

Did the touchpad of your laptop stop responding to your fingers? In case your laptop touchpad stops working, then you need to go through the instructions mentioned below to fix this issue. Change Touchpad Settings on Windows PC •    Click on the Windows button. •    Enter touchpad on the text field. •    Click on the […]

Best Ways to Install iMessage on your Mac

Messages on the macOS allows you to interact with family, friends, relatives easily, co-workers as well across numerous platforms such as Apple’s own iMessage, SMS, and services from Google, AOL, and Yahoo. Regardless of the availability of the number of options, iMessage always the topmost priority to easily interact with the users only if you […]

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock from iPad

Is your iCloud activation lock activated on your iPad? You should have the Apple ID details with you in case you wish to remove the Activation lock. There are two methods for doing so, and the first one is to contact the owner and ask about the Apple ID or by using iCloud. Just go […]

How to Fix Hulu Playback Error?

Hulu provides a video streaming service that includes broadcast videos along with on-demand videos. Hulu can be accessed on web-enabled smart TVs, TiVo, PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, and many more devices. This media streaming giant is hugely popular and is a great way to watch TV shows, movies, and a lot more. But, what happens […]

Halo Infinite is Believed to Be The Most Expensive Game Ever Made!

Microsoft is planning to develop a new addition to the long-running Halo title series and this time it is bigger and better in every aspect possible. It is speculated that the upcoming Halo Infinite title has an initial budget of $500 million which makes this new Halo game the most expensive title ever. Previously the […]

How to Become a Wikipedia Contributor?

Do you want to be a Wikipedia editor or author? Well, since this platform is open source, you can easily share your expert knowledge with others, which is confirmed by Wikipedia. While anybody can make edits, you need to be an active contributor if you want to create a new Wikipedia page. In this blog, […]

How to Create Instagram-Worthy Photo Square Without Cropping

When taking a picture with the phone or camera, the picture is either in portrait mode or in landscape mode. But, sometimes you might want to click square photos without losing out on any details. Well, the popular methods to create a photo square is either by resizing or cropping the image. However, resizing the […]

Fortnite: How to Complete the 15 Bouncy Ball Toy Challenge

Season 8 for Fortnite has been very thrilling and full of surprises for fans, as this new season brought plenty of new content to enjoy in the title. Various speculations and data mines are hinting towards a volcanic eruption which would officially begin the series of exclusive events, but until then fans have plenty of […]

Pokemon GO: New Community Day Event For April Confirmed

The month of March is nearly approaching its end, and Pokemon GO fans are already looking forward to the next month’s events and challenges for the title. Niantic includes a number of different battles and tasks for Pokemon Trainers to enjoy the title, and with the April month approaching nearby, a new set of events […]