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Author Nick: chandlers
Name: Chandlers Steakhouse
About Author: Chandler’s is an upscale Boise dining restaurant located in downtown Boise at the new Hotel 43. We specialize in prime corn fed steaks and Kobe style beef with incredible fresh seafood selections and three-course prix fixe dinners.

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Celebrate Car-Free Day in Boise

Can you imagine life without a car? Here in the Treasure Valley, we’re fortunate to have more options than others, with bike lanes lining streets throughout the city as well as the famous Boise River Greenbelt that stretches throughout the city. Feel up to a challenge? Celebrate International Car-Free Day in Boise with these tips. […]

Get Excited About Fall in the Treasure Valley

Summer is quickly approaching its conclusion, and while many of you might feel sad, the good news is fall in the Treasure Valley is equally as enjoyable. While you might have to trade in your flip flops for boots, fun and excitement know no seasonal bounds in Boise and the surrounding areas. If you don’t […]

Why the Dress Code Is Important to the Fine Dining Experience

As you start searching for the best fine dining Boise experience, you’ll likely notice that many of the restaurants have a dress code page on their website. For some uninitiated to the fine dining scene, this might come as a surprise. It might seem to be a hassle, but dress codes are an important part […]

The Best Staycation Ideas for the Treasure Valley

When was the last time you had a real day off—a chance to forget about work and the hustle of life? For many of us, those days only happen a few times a year, typically on vacation. If it’s hard to get away for long periods of time or you just feel like sticking around […]

More Than Taste: How a Premium Restaurant Should Interact with Your Other Senses

Food is the star of the show for any dining experience, but the sounds, sights, smells, and feel of a restaurant are more important than you might think. Restaurant owners spend a great deal of time and money to make the atmosphere and ambiance of their restaurant perfect, and it’s worth noticing. When you head […]

Wild-Caught vs. Farm-Raised Fish: Can You Taste the Difference?

As you scan the menu of some downtown Boise restaurants, you might spot a seafood section. Although the selections might sound appetizing, understanding where the fish came from could impact your decision. While you’ll find that farm-raised fish and seafood is almost the standard for landlocked areas, wild-caught fish is still available at select places. […]

What Makes Coffee After Dinner So Special?

Enjoying coffee after dinner is a tradition that serves multiple purposes. If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of espresso or a coffee-based cocktail at one of the best downtown Boise restaurants, then you know there’s something special about finishing a meal with coffee. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons […]

Stay Cool This Summer with Sophisticated Cocktails in the Treasure Valley

Summer is fast-approaching here in the Treasure Valley, and although the area isn’t exactly known for bringing the heat, it can still get pretty warm here during peak summer months. Luckily, there’s no shortage of downtown Boise restaurants serving up refreshing, sophisticated cocktails sure to help keep you cool after a day spent exploring and […]

Have Friends Visiting Memorial Day Weekend? Show Them the Best of Boise with These Tips

With Memorial Day coming up, you’re probably more than ready to enjoy a much-needed three-day weekend full of fun, family, and friends. If you have friends or family coming into town, why not give them an experience in Boise they won’t soon forget? Whether it’s Memorial Day weekend or any time this summer, here are […]

Enjoy Spring with These Weekend Adventures in the Treasure Valley

It really doesn’t get much better than springtime in the Treasure Valley. With the sun shining and the temperatures idling in the perfect zone where at most all you need is a light jacket, it’s no surprise locals are looking for any reason to get outside. But with so much to do, you might feel […]