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What is GPU (Graphics Card)? Do You Really Need a High-end GPU for Your Computer?

You might have heard of the NVIDIA graphics cards of 3000-series and their AMD 6000-series competitors as well. Then you definitely know the cost of these products. The question is do you really need this type of GPU that costs you a lot? I have sorted out some considerations that you should keep in mind […]

Best Birthday Gift Ever: Gift Your Dearer High-Tech Gadget

Birth Day is a special day for everyone. It is a special day to spend quality time with our family, relatives, friends and all the people around us. People of all ages used to love celebrating their birth day grandiloquently. Nowadays it is very conventional to gift something to our dearer on their birthday. Today […]

Evolution of Modern Motherboards

A motherboard is the core part of a computer and the better quality of a motherboard ensures the smooth functioning of a computer. It is the main circuit board of a computer. All the peripherals or components attached to the system get connected through the motherboard. A motherboard holds the chipset and other integrated components & sockets […]