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Summer Hair Trends 2021

Summer is the perfect time to get out of your hair rut, whether you’re completely bored of your signature look, or you’re still dealing with the fallout of a failed hairstyle you tried over quarantine. After a year of seeing just how long your hair can grow without regular trims, attempting at-home bleaching, and cutting […]

Here’s What You Need to Consider before Getting a New Hairstyle

Getting a new hairdo is one of the best ways to transform your look and feel good. It can literally invigorate your look. But, sometimes, the big change you were expecting just doesn’t work as planned. The wrong type of hairstyle, a hair color that doesn’t suit your hair texture, and bangs that can make […]

Straight Hair Care Maintenance Guide

Everybody is longing for that perfect straight hair. In fact, some even spend time and money on straightening their hair and maintaining them. If you have straight hair that envies your friends, then you are blessed. However, maintaining your silky straight hair is crucial to keep your naturally straight hair lustrous and perfectly smooth. If […]

How to Maintain My Curly Hair?

Only women with curly hair know how unpredictable the hairstyle and annoying it is to maintain. Not to mention about having bad hair days. Unlike straight hair types, curly hair often comes with certain challenges, including frizz, breakage, and dryness. In fact, you are more likely to encounter any of these problems with your hair […]

Things to Consider When Looking For a Hair Salon in Albuquerque

It is essential to find the right hair salon because not every hair salon will work for you. What worked for your pal might not work for you. For some, the hairstylist might work, while for others, it won’t. That’s why you need to look for a saloon that caters to your needs. It could […]

Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair

A woman with curly hair is special! People celebrate curls in every form because there’s something about the effortlessness with which the curls choose their own way to stick or lay-up. While women with curls get all the compliments for their unique hair locks, they also dread managing it. If you have curly hair, you […]

Common Signs You Need a Haircut

Your hair is the most beautiful piece of jewelry you own. Haircuts are simply a means of preserving lustre and achieving the perfect look. However, it’s important that you know the signs that mean it’s time for a haircut at hair salons open in Albuquerque. Split Ends Your hair and split ends are mortal enemies. Split […]

Dos and Don’ts at a Hair Salon

Most of us go to the salon every now and then to pamper ourselves. Our stylists have a huge impact on how we look. Since they are the ones who work on our hair and skin, it is important to develop a rapport with your stylist in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. A […]

Trending Wedding Hairstyles For 2021

Wedding is the essential phase in everyone’s life. On this big day, the bride wants to look better in their unique way. As soon as a wedding is announced, the things that come to our mind are Ring, venue, dress, hairstyle, and mainly makeup artist. Every bride has her own dreams about her wedding look, […]

5 Simple Winter Care Tips for a Flawless Hair

Taking care of your hair during winter requires a different approach compared to summer or spring hair care. During the cold winter months, your hair loses moisture and gets relatively dry. The harsh weather and frosty wind would lead to different hair problems such as dry scalp, split ends, hair loss, dull colour etc. So, […]