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Discover The Five Perks That Could Attract You Into Developing A Video Conferencing App Like Zoom

Though there are several restrictions lifted after the pandemic situation, some things that were adopted haven’t changed. When, in the lockdown, though the video conferencing was used as a rescue from the drowning of many businesses, it has somehow turned out as an important way of communication for many companies even now. Video chatting is […]

Redefine the video-conferencing experience with the state-of-the-art Zoom Clone

We can rename the year 2020 as a year of uncertainties, as the backstory of it mostly relies on the drastic change of routine lives. It has made everyone adopt a new lifestyle by bringing in conditions like total lockdown and social distancing across the globe. Because of this, many companies had to shift to […]

Outlook the Best Video Conferencing Technology with the Robust Zoom Clone

A communication technology that is blending in both the internal and external communication of your workplace is video conferencing. Organizations are planning to adapt to new technologies such as this due to the success it yields. The video conferencing technology has helped businesses connect and transform the way they interact despite the factors like time […]

Reasons why you should choose Netflix Clone as a mud hook for your business

  From ‘Why’ to ‘How’, the necessity of creating a video- streaming app has grown exponentially. As years have passed, people have realised that the online video streaming service is not a good-to-have business model but a must have model.  Everyone starting from a small child to senior citizens know at least to operate an […]

All-in-one guide about Airmeet Clone application:

  The truth is accepted that the coronavirus or the lockdown will not end anytime soon. But just like they say, time and tide wait for none, the companies have also started to introduce some new technologies into their businesses. To keep their businesses straight, they have started to rely on digital communication and the […]

All you need to know about “Contactless Facial Recognition System”

  People and the entrepreneurs had never been this careful, health conscious and hygienic before; all credits go to COVID-19. There are so many things to be listed out as the impact of this lockdown, that we couldn’t count with just our fingers. The major one would be… yes you guessed it right!!. It is […]

Focal points for building the user-centric video conferencing app like Zoom 

Video conferencing apps have become a part of our lives. Before the pandemic, people were not as familiar with Zoom, Google Meet as they do now. Though the Coronavirus has led people to go stay in isolation, video conferencing apps like Zoom have acted as a glue, sticking people together. In comparison with the last […]

The valuable role played by Web conferencing apps like Zoom in E-learning 

  We were all caught by surprise and left with uncertainty with the turn of events in 2020. Before the pandemic, conducting meetings either for business or government gathering was no big deal. People gathered in the conference or pre-decided location at the specified time, and then the presenter will address the gathering. Due to […]

Pre-requisites to consider before stepping into the video streaming app development sector 

The video streaming service is top-rated among users across the globe. There is tremendous scope related to the video streaming sector. When people think of video streaming solutions, they immediately think of Netflix and Amazon prime video, but the sector is not limited to that; several types of streaming apps exist. According to Grandview research […]

Latest trends and features pertaining to e-learning apps like Udemy

 There has been a significant increase in the usage of e-learning apps like Udemy ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. It has become the most preferred means of learning and is adopted by schools and educational institutions globally.  According to the Global newswire reports, the educational technology industry is expected to reach $680.1 billion by […]