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The valuable role played by Web conferring apps like Zoom in E-learning 

  We were all caught by surprise and left with uncertainty with the turn of events in 2020. Before the pandemic, conducting meetings either for business or government gathering was no big deal. People gathered in the conference or pre-decided location at the specified time, and then the presenter will address the gathering. Due to […]

Pre-requisites to consider before stepping into the video streaming app development sector 

The video streaming service is top-rated among users across the globe. There is tremendous scope related to the video streaming sector. When people think of video streaming solutions, they immediately think of Netflix and Amazon prime video, but the sector is not limited to that; several types of streaming apps exist. According to Grandview research […]

Latest trends and features pertaining to e-learning apps like Udemy

 There has been a significant increase in the usage of e-learning apps like Udemy ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. It has become the most preferred means of learning and is adopted by schools and educational institutions globally.  According to the Global newswire reports, the educational technology industry is expected to reach $680.1 billion by […]

It’s high time to invest in video streaming app clone: Here are the major factors to consider during Netflix clone app development 

  Everyone of us has witnessed the entertainment industry’s transition through the past few years with so many video streaming apps. Each app has a unique selling proposition to capture its target audience. Though popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus are similar in the way, they all provide rich content to users, but each […]

What are the areas to deploy the Face recognition software?

  Security plays a vital role in our society today. Recent newspapers are filled with articles that showcase data thefts, privacy issues, and so on. When we consider employee attendance software based on face recognition, it uses various encryption levels, thereby protecting users’ data from external breaches. Face recognition software is a biometric device, capable […]