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How to Go About Toronto Computer Recycling

According to an estimate, millions of tons of obsolete cell phones, computer, televisions and other electrical equipment get ready to be disposed of every single year. While only a minor percentage of this are sent for recycling, the remaining ends up in the landfills.  This is where a Toronto computer recycling company enters the scene. […]

Things to Look for in ITAD Companies Chicago

Choosing the right service provider that offers IT asset disposition solution Chicago is not a simple task. While finding them is easy through advertisements and online search engines, selecting the best company takes a due amount of research and time. You can feel confident about your confidential and private IT assets only if you partner […]

Different Backup Destinations

When you send your computer for recycling, you need to backup your data so that you do not lose your saved information. The data that you want to save often includes your financial information, your usernames and passwords, your online accounts, your important documents and notes, your photos and videos, etc. Before sending your computer […]

What to do With Your Computer Before Sending It for Toronto Computer Recycling

If you have an old computer that you want to get rid of, then instead of throwing it in the bin, there are many ways to recycle it and put it to good use. Some of these ways include donating it, reselling it, or sending it to a recycler. Whichever method you choose, you want […]

Types of Backup Taken by ITAD Companies Chicago

We all are aware that we must back up our data and wipe off our system before sending our old computer for recycling. This is where ITAD disposition companies Chicago enter the scene. Doing this is not only important for the safety and security of your confidential data, but it also gives you peace of […]

Have Old Electronic Gadgets in your Home? Here’s What To Do

Computers, LCD TV, LED TV, mobile phones, iPads and others are some of the most common things found in almost every household. On an average, every house has around 24 electronic devices, among which computers, mobile phones and televisions are the most common. After use, have you ever thought what happens to these devices? Once […]

Mississauga Electronics Recycling: Where to Donate Old Electronics?

Now that you have made up your mind to replace your old computer, TV, smartphone or another electronic device with a new one, what do you plan to do with your old device? Are you going to throw it in the dustbin and forget about it? Do you know that electronic products lying in the […]

Steps to Take Before You Send Your Computer to ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto

There are many ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto that accept and recycle old electronic products like computers, televisions, laptops, cell phones, monitors, printers, etc.  free of charge. However, if you are planning to get rid of your old computer, you need to erase all the confidential data and documents saved in it so that no one […]

Options of Mississauga Electronics Recycling

These days, societies have started producing immense turnover of e-devices on a regular basis. The reasons may be regular advancements in the field of technology, due to which electronics become old very soon, and we feel the need to replace them quickly. On an average, a laptop lasts for around 12 years, desktop computer lasts […]

What ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto Do with Your Electronics

Once you hand over your old electronic products to ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto, they make sure that your information is backed up. Since your device might be going in new hands, you won’t want others to have access to your private and personal data. Before they recycle or refurbish your old device, make sure that […]