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About Author: Connell Law Firm is a family-run personal injury law firm. Our attorneys represent victims who have been harmed by the wrongdoing and negligence of people, companies and government agencies.

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How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Help You

When you start thinking that all is going well and there is nothing that can disrupt the normal schedule of your life, in that exact moment, you can suffer accidents or injuries that can scare you for life. From the physical pain to the financial losses and even the mental trauma, you will have to […]

Take Care of Your Legal Issues with Personal Injury Lawyer

Think of a happy day where you are walking in the park with your child. In the park, you are playing with your child and you are spending quality time. However, while you are coming back from the park, out of nowhere a furious dog comes and bites your child. Even though you can’t do […]

How To Get Complete Compensation Claim For Personal Injury Cases

What do you feel when you accidentally touch a hot utensil? It hurts too much, right? And what if you get major burns? It is something that will disrupt your life to a major extent. And what if this is caused by someone else? The pain in such situations is not only physical but also […]

Know About The Expert Personal Injury Lawyers In Town

In a day to day life no one really think about what bad can happen in one’s life. None of us would want to see our closed ones in pain and suffering. But in life we often come across injuries that cause pain and suffering. When a person gets seriously injured, they and their family […]

Reasons for Filing A Personal Injury Compensation Case

Most people are not aware of the fact that there is a provision on the law of getting compensation if you have been injured in an accident that has been caused because of the fault of other. If you have been in a situation then must file a compensation case. Try these out to know […]

How Personal Injury Lawyers Help in Getting Fair Compensation Benefits

There are certain kind of accidents which put you into critical conditions. No matter where you are upto, you are bound to suffer from accidental injuries. If you have been tremendously injured while working with machines or while travelling, then without any second thought, contact personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyers are remarkably sincere […]

Why Seek a Legal Representative for Personal Injury Claim

Injuries caused by incidents like slip and fall, auto accident, dog bite, exposure to unsafe products, etc are quite grave and difficult to cure. Many of these accidents happen due to the irresponsibility of the third person. Hence, whenever you meet such an accident and got injured, you can definitely seek compensation from the liable […]

Types of Cases the Lawyers Can Handle

There are so many people across South Carolina who stuck in personal injury case, if you are the one then it is high time that you should take the help of expert lawyers because they can assist their clients with best kind of legal matters. If you take much time in the legal matters then […]

Trust in the Name of Finest Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries are something which can happen anytime, anywhere. According to the research, it has been found that most of the people have been injured badly due to reckless driving, dealing with malfunctioned machines, or due to slip and fall. If you are an individual who has been severely injured, then it is highly recommended to […]

Problems to deal with when claiming a law settlement

An experienced personal injury lawyer is a great hand of help dealing with a personal injury claims settlement. It is one of the greatest advantages of having a Lugoff personal injury attorney to hold your case in hand as the proceedings with Tort personal injury lawsuit can be a little challenging to deal with individually. […]