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Initiate by opening Gmail on your browser and log in using the correct credentials. Next, click on the Account option located at the top-right corner to select the My Account option from the list. Enable your Gmail Two-factor authentication by select Sign-in and security option to reveal available security options. Set up a security option […]

How will I add options to Facebook Poll?

Social Media Platforms have revolutionized the meaning of communication. With the introduction of Facebook, chatting, uploading pictures, videos and using filters, it has become one of the greatest ways of infotainment. However, the users of Facebook often come across various technical issues regarding creating a poll on Facebook. For more info:  How to create a […]

Resolve Microsoft Outlook search not working issues

To repair the Outlook index when Microsoft Outlook mail search not working, type control in the Windows search bar and then select the suitable option to open the Control Panel. Now, navigate to Programs and then Programs & Features. After that, scroll down and select Outlook 2016 or Microsoft Office. Now, select Change from the top menu, […]

How to fix BellSouth email login issues?

In some cases it is possible that email login problems can be a server-side issue. If that is the case, then there is not much you can do till Bellsouth resolves the problem on their own. If you are having issues with BellSouth and Outlook, then you can contact Bellsouth and they will let […]

How to Resolve Search Not Working in Outlook?

The Outlook is an email program widely used by various companies and individuals to help organize messages and appointments in an Outlook calendar. However, the search not working in outlook error is something that the users encounter. Though you can fix this error by restarting your program by closing everything once and then restart. You […]


IncrediMail, developed by Perion, was launched over 20 years ago and generated its user base in millions. However, earlier in 2020, IncrediMail announced that it would shut down its servers on 20th March 2020 and no longer be available thereafter. Now you may be wondering – ‘Why is my IncrediMail still working?’ As proclaimed by the IncrediMail […]

How to Fix Firefox Not Working in Windows 10 Issue?

If Firefox won’t open windows 10 issue, shows up to you as well then you are not alone. Certain Firefox problems can be solved by performing a clean reinstall. This means you remove your Firefox program files and then reinstall Firefox. This process does not remove your Firefox profile data (such as bookmarks and passwords), […]

How can I download install TurboTax with Code?

TurboTax is one of the most tax computing software which has definitely simplified the process of taxation. However, there are various technical glitches faced by the users, such as TurboTax not working or install TurboTax with Code error. You can simply resolve the error by following few manual steps.

Where Can I Track My TurboTax Refund Status?

The IRS has an online tool known as ‘Where’s My Refund?’ that allows people to check their refund status. To know the process of TurboTax track my refund status, you need to provide some personal information to find out when the refund will arrive. TurboTax also provides a Where’s My Refund Tracking guide that explains each […]

How to Fix Gmail Not Working on iPhone

If you are also thinking about how to fix Gmail not working on iPhone errors, then you can try one method that works for all users. This method involves resetting your Gmail password. You can reset your password online on Gmail Log in page. Click on forgot password and then in the required fields, add your […]