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5 Benefits of Supplier Management Portal

For procurement businesses, maintaining the database manually is time-consuming. Data entry, follow-up with suppliers, updates, changes, and other tasks can be mundane. With increasing suppliers, any disruption can cost your business reputation and finances. To grow a business, you need to overcome the drawbacks your supply chain faces. The business supply chain must evolve to […]

Top 6 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Portal

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, if your business has a website, you can use CRM portals. CRM portals will help you take your business one step ahead. CRM portals are the best way to develop trust of customers and partners. You can also improve your global presence with it. And you can do […]

How Customer Portal Can Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Adding as much as customer-centricity as possible to your website is the strategy for increasing sales and engagements. This is a tried and tested method used by numerous businesses, including small and giant businesses globally. So, if you have some unique products but cannot provide good customer service, then chances are that you might not […]

Web Portal Development: Types and Benefits

What is Web Portal Development? A web portal is basically a web-based gateway that provides authorized users with a single point of access to personalized content. This development gathers information from various sources and presents them in a single user interface. Then it manages the content with some most relevant information based on their preferences […]

5 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Portal

As we all know, it can be overwhelming to fill endless forms, wait for a long time, and get no satisfactory answers to the queries as a customer. But have you ever thought that the employees who need to manage the flow of the application process could also get frustrated? Today’s digital transformation and advancements […]

How Can a Self-Service Portal Be Beneficial for Your Enterprise

According to statista, 88% of customer expects the brands to have an online self-service portal. Looking at the above stat, we can say that such solution is the need of an hour. The major benefit of IT self service portal is that it offers all the solutions in a single place. Such as knowledge base […]

4 Ways to Use the Customer Portal to Enhance the Relationship with Customers

88% of consumers expect brands and organizations to have some sort of self-service portal. As this offers the quickest solutions to their problems most of the times. While traditional support channels like email and messages are still relevant, they don’t give the quick access to simple answers. Hence the customer portal is the best way […]

7 Advantages of Creating Your Travel Website

In earlier times, when websites were not present, the job of travel agent was hectic. They had to manage everything by making phone calls to the customers or by personally meeting them.They had to complete several processes like: Gathering customer details Passing tour details to customers Handling customer queries on-call Distributing pamphlets But now, with […]

6 Benefits of Using Customer Portal

Still wondering how to bring more customer centricity in your business? If you have a look at all the top organizations in the world, you will notice one thing in common. Their activities revolve around the needs, expectations, and convenience of their customers. And, you already know that customer centric policies are more capable of […]

Crowd-Pulling Techniques to Grow Your Travel Agency

Travelling is like an appraisal check; people await and work for it. But like appraisals, with travelling too people have expectations that they work for. And you don’t want them to regret expecting from you, right? For that, you need to stay updated with the technologies and techniques used by the market. After which, you […]