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Artifical Intelligence in the Biotechnology – 5 Key Trends

AT A GLANCE The biotech industry is witnessing unprecedented demand on many fronts. Companies are looking to invest in fast-paced innovation, systematic storage of massive research data, analysis of humongous databases, and meticulous management of the business processes. AI-enabled applications play a crucial role in meeting these demands. Machine learning, robotics, informatics, and AI branches […]

The Importance of Freight Visibility in the Chemical Supply Chain

Introduction Having a complete view of inbound shipments is critical for chemical manufacturers not just for maintaining accurate product counts, ensuring on-time delivery or monitoring rising transportation costs, but also for keeping an eye on the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) requirements for transporting chemicals. The chemical industry being more highly-regulated, companies need to meet regulatory […]

How to Enhance Your Chemical Supply Chain Management?

AT A GLANCE The supply chain management today is all about enhanced visibility and proper accountability. With challenges like varying laws and regulations for different geographies, fluctuating prices of the raw materials, and lack of visibility across the board, the chemical supply chain management needs advanced solutions. The introduction and integration of advanced technologies can bring […]

Reshaping Procurement within a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Procurement in the Pharmaceutical Industry The procurement of raw materials in any pharmaceutical company is a source of inventory. An established method to improve visibility, track, and trace product quality is a must-have, regardless if it’s a manual, electronic, or a hybrid purchase-to-pay process. Procurement in the pharmaceutical industry is thoroughly scrutinized, and businesses have […]

Top Concerns of Biotechnology Industry – Current Issues

Top Concerns of Biotechnology Industry Current Issues AT A GLANCE The world has turned its hopes towards biotech companies to reduce the spread and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The biotech industry is working continuously towards fortifying healthcare systems, enabling serosurveillance to gauge the spread of disease in a community and to aid in the […]