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About Author: Cybernetik Technologies offers process automation, material handling systems, turnkey integrated solutions & documentation & compliance consultation. We also provide industrial automation to manufacturing companies in food, pharma, chemical and automobile industries. Visit us to know more!

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Your Guide to Robotics Automation

Robotics automation has been shown to improve productivity by 30% in certain industries while reducing labor costs by 20% in some sectors. If you are interested in using this technology to support your manufacturing and/or operations, you may be wondering: What exactly is robotic automation, and how can it help you? Understanding robotics and automation: […]

The Rise of Robotics and Automation: How They’re Transforming Industries

Robots have been frequently depicted in popular culture as forces that may overpower humanity and dominate the world. A 2017 survey shows that over 70% of Americans have concerns about robots taking control. But there’s really no need to worry. After all, new industries usually emerge with each technological breakthrough. Jobs are not eliminated; rather, […]

What Is the Use of Sifters in the Pharma Industry?

Are you looking for a compact and efficient solution when dealing with pharmaceutical-grade materials? Sifter machines for pharmaceuticals are widely used in the industry, both for educational and industrial purposes. But what exactly do these systems do? The importance of sifter machines for pharmaceuticals First, to understand the significance of sifters in pharma, it’s important […]

Types, Advantages, and Managing Tips for Storage Silos

A wide range of industries need storage silos for the safekeeping of materials – raw, semi processed, and completely processed. But different silos have different applications, catering to a specific material or two. So how do you know which is best for you? Here are all the basics you need to know about storage silos. […]

The Workings of Cell Phone Controlled Pick and Place Robots

Nearly 70% of workers agree that automation can help improve efficiency and reduce the time spent on repetitive work. Pick and place robots are an excellent example of automation technology, helping the food processing and packaging industries increase productivity and meet growing demands. How do pick and place robots work? As their name suggests, these […]

Impact Of Robots On The Manufacturing Industry

The automation of manufacturing processes has evolved significantly over the recent past. Robots are performing tasks once believed to be impossible for humans. As well as those that were thought to be possible only for humans. This has helped boost production and made the manufacturing process safer and more efficient. Using robotics in manufacturing has […]

What Are Some Of The Machines Used To Make Chocolate?

Chocolates are usually the favourite snack of all. Despite that, most people purchasing chocolate are unaware of the manufacturing process that brings their favourite treat to life. Nowadays, the process of chocolate manufacturing is almost entirely automated. The companies manufacturing these delicious treats use different types of machines to create various types and flavours of […]

Why use automation for chocolate manufacturing?

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the favorite sweets and desserts loved by people of all ages across the globe. There are numerous brands in the industry that manufacture chocolate. The chocolate manufacturing process needs to follow various steps; thus, advanced machinery is necessary. Automation emerged as a necessity to simplify the process of chocolate manufacturing without […]

Which industries benefit from using robotics in manufacturing?

Although many consider it to be a new technology, robotics has, in fact, been around for decades. We have witnessed the application of Robotics in many industries in recent times. Let’s check out the industries where robotics technology is in use.   Health Care Industry – Robotics triggered advancement in diverse healthcare industry segments. It […]

Why Is the Robotic Sector Growing in Pune?

Robotics has extensive applications, present and potential, in industries worldwide due to its high efficiency and precision. In fact, automation is indispensable in some sectors. This is because robots perform with more speed and accuracy, thereby protecting humans from encountering hazardous working conditions. In the recent past, robotics companies in Pune have chosen to increasingly […]