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Author Nick: danielazoulay
Name: Danny Azoulay
About Author: Danny Azoulay is a well-known specialist who gives you immortal paper cut Ketubah workmanship. Danny's Paper Cut Ketubahs are the result of animated examination, creative energy and a raised sentiment of structure. A mix of the eternal eminence of custom and the enthusiasm of headway is the basic idea in Danny's creative system.

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Make Your Wedding More Memorable with Authentic Ketubahs

When you and your partner are bound together in holy matrimony, you agree to be with each other in times of happiness and sorrow. The beautiful journey that you embark upon starts with a number of customs and traditional religious practices. Like any other culture, the Jewish culture too is characterized by special wedding rituals […]

Glitz up Your Wedding with Specially Designed Ketubah

Wedding is the most important ceremony in anyone’s life. Binding the couple for ages, everyone knows the significance of the wedding. As there are various cultures, therefore, each culture has its own style of wedding and rituals giving importance to some or other thing. A Jewish wedding is a glamorous ceremony that has a wedding […]

Add Cherry on Top of Your Wedding with Beautifully Designed Ketubah

Ketubah holds a deeper meaning in Jewish marriages. It is a central part in the Jewish marriage ceremonies which binds bride and groom closely. Crafted with unique shapes and patterns, the art of Ketubah is something which is truly incomparable! The decoration of Ketubah adds kind a beauty and charm to the legal document of […]

Choose the Finest Ketubah for Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most precious and beautiful moments of every individual’s life. No matter what kind of wedding custom you have chosen to follow, you must have to manage everything properly so as to make that day memorable. Right from invitation cards to the wedding venue, you have to be concerned about […]