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Garmin’s latest GPS is designed for off-road explorers

  Best Off Road GPS Most drivers obtain a GPS navigation system to keep them on the road. For real explorers who decline to confine their greatest ventures to the pavement, however, Garmin just proclaimed a rough, all-terrain GPS device that opens a whole new world of off-road exploration. Garmin’s new 7-inch touchscreen Overlander provides […]

Whatsapp pay facility likely to be launched and London will become it’s payments headquarter

Whatsapp pay is a facility provided by Whatsapp, the instant messaging app, it is not yet launched in India, but there are future plans for it, currently the famous app’s pay service is being used by many people in the world, the famous name in the messaging world used by everyone from all corners, walks […]

How to troubleshoot the McAfee error 1619

This type of error usually happens when you try to click open the setup and it fails to respond, resulting in this error, more specifically it occurs when you’re configuring the setup via VSE or the epolicy orchestrator. Possible reasons as to why this error takes place. The VSE was unable to successfully set up locally and […]

Best Technology Partner Of Your Analyst Is Your SIEM

For the average analyst of the security, it is no secret that their days are overloaded with more moments of hair on fire as compared to Zen moments. The 2016 SANS Incident Response Survey paints a sobering and quite clear picture of the demands being placed on the analysts of security. The lists of the […]

Steps To Check And Update McAfee Virus Scan Manually And Automatically

McAfee Antivirus software program is considered to be one among the top-most online security software program and known for complete protection as well as scanning of the malware, virus, and various other online threats. McAfee VirusScan is one of the many trusted products of McAfee. The particular time you get connected to the internet, McAfee […]