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What do Hybrid Events offer?

You must’ve seen nearly all businesses conducting hybrid events. They’re benefiting from it immensely and you might also be wanting to include hybrid events in your events planning, but there might be some doubts you have about hosting a hybrid event and not knowing whether you should go for it or not. If that is […]

Here is Why You Need a Hybrid Event Platform

In recent years, we have seen a boom in the attendance and occurrence of hybrid and virtual events. Pandemic was the main reason behind the popularity of organizations opting for these events. A hybrid event is a mixture of both online and onsite events. A hybrid event combines both kinds of audiences. Many businesses and […]


We all are hearing about the term Metaverse a lot, especially in 2022. We have also come across the news of big companies investing in Metaverse and we are also aware of how Facebook changed its name to Metaverse. But what is Metaverse and why should you know about it? Let’s discuss it! The term […]