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Capcom May Unveil A Brand New Title During E3 2019 Event

Capcom has been introducing a slew of new and exciting titles for fans and gamers to experience in the past, and with the approaching E3 2019 event many are expecting some interesting new title from the Japanese publisher. As in the past, Capcom has utilized the platform of E3 for showcasing its awesome games like […]

How to Play YouTube Videos on Locked Phone Screen

YouTube is one of the most famous video sharing sites in the world. When you lock your phone screen, YouTube automatically stops playing video. In this article, you will get to know how you can play YouTube videos after locking the phone screen. Steps for Playing YouTube Videos Using Mozilla Firefox •    In case you […]

How to Stream to Twitch on PS4 and Xbox One X

Streaming on Twitch for the first time can be difficult.  You have to ensure that you’re ready for it and can kick off the Twitch stream with style and self-confidence. Both of these qualities will help you to Twitch streaming. Here’s how to setup PS4 and Xbox One X for Twitch streaming. Steps for Setting […]

Top 6 OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text

Plenty of OCR software programs are available in the market for free. If you don’t know about OCR or Optical character recognition software, they are used for converting pictures into text. Students and working professionals already love this software as it is beneficial for them. On that note, let’s check out the best OCR tools […]

Apex Legends: Piggybacking Players Will Soon Be Banned In The Future!

As per the recent community update for the hit Battle Royle style title, Apex Legends has hinted towards some of the changes that could be witnessed in the future updates for the game. The said patch for the Apex Legends title is believed to repair the perk bug, some minor issues associated to hit registration […]

How to Disable Instagram for a While or Permanently

Social media platforms such as Instagram can become addictive and frustrating at times. Instead of doing things in real life, you will be lurking over pictures and videos shared by others all the time. In that case, the best solution is to either take a little break from the photo- and video-sharing platform or delete […]

How to Transfer Keynote Presentations With iTunes

Users can use iTunes if they wish to transfer presentations to iPhone, iPad, or iPod and the PC. This procedure will be successful in case the users are not using iCloud. The MS PowerPoint presentations can also be transferred by opening them in Keynote document. Here’s how to transfer keynote presentations with iTunes. Steps for […]

Fortnite: Guide For Season 9 Week 1 Challenges

Epic Games has finally rolled out season 9 for its hit Battle Royale title Fortnite and fans are quite excited to witness the new futuristic theme introduced with the new season. The new season 9 has brought along a range of diverse cosmetics, items and pretty cool wearable skins for gamers to enjoy the new […]

Android Q beta 3 Brings System-Wide Dark Theme, Better Gestures, and More

Google launched the 3rd beta of the latest Android version at Google I/O. At the conference, Google provided a sneak peek into some new features of Android Q, the tenth Android OS version which is slated to launch this year. Android’s 10th version is available on 15 partner devices. Let’s check out what the third […]

Facebook Messenger Updates Announced at F8 2019

Every year, Facebook conducts F8 conference and announces new updates it is working on and that are ready to roll out. When it comes to its messaging app, Facebook Messenger 4 was introduced last year at F8 2018.  A lot of exciting changes were there in the previous year with the Messenger 4 version that […]