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How to View Your Google Sidebar

Google Sidebar comes when you open Gmail website. It is a slide that appears on the right column of the window, it shows the calendar, Google docs, etc. Google sidebar helps you to remember all your pending work, write short notes if you have any critical work in future, and shows your scheduled tasks. You […]

Gesture Control: A technical magic steak

Gesture control is the new mode of interaction with your devices. Now there no need to hurt your fingers on the screen for the huge amount of typing. You can still type a word but without any collision between the keyboard and your finger. Gesture control is the churning of computing and science and technology […]

How to access HomePod without Wi-Fi access?

When the New Year celebrations are in extreme bloom, going out (or it applies on all gathering and party throughout the year, or utilizing the HomePod in lodging), you might need to utilize your HomePod at a setting that does not have a Wi-Fi arrangement. On the off chance that you are thinking about whether […]

When Should you Give your Kids their Smartphone

Facebook and Google are the new parenting. You may or may not agree with this, but this is as true as the technology itself. In this technical world, parenting can prove to be a challenging task. Those old things are still there when you had to struggle with your kids to have those green veggies, […]

What to do with the Facebook Portal?

What is admirable in Facebook Portal is that it makes video calling easier with your friends. It has a specific camera to keep you focused, no if you move.  You can use music and photos while calls. What we usually detest about FB is that it gives somewhere leaks your information.

How to Fix Error Code 0x802400439 on Windows 10?

After close research, it has been found that this error 0x802400439 is cursing many Windows users. This error is very common, but it hasn’t been fixed permanently, so due to some new Windows settings 0x80240439 this error appeared again. However, for the initial glance, Windows Store seems to be working as it is used to […]

How to Fix Error Code 3194 on iPhone, iPad, & iTunes?

Generally, upgrading your iPhone or any other iOS device to a latest or new version of the operating system, or restoring it from backup, is a quiet downy process. While upgrading iPhone, iTunes, & iTunes, some users are reporting the error code 3194. Nevertheless, it’s a very common error which occurs when iTunes can’t connect […]