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Top 5 Best Apps To Find Restaurants When Traveling

When you go to unfamiliar places with your friends and family, it is hard to find a safe and decent place for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Today are going to talk about five best apps that will help you locate the best restaurants and food chains around you. So what’s the wait! Let’s get started. […]

Top 5 Best SSDs to Get in 2019

If you are still using an old HDD drive, then you are seriously missing something very useful in your PC. Do you know that Solid State Drives are much faster and more durable than the old hard disk drives? If you run Photoshop, video editing software and play high-end games but are still using HDD, […]

Top 5 Best Coding Games to Master Programming

Do you know that you can learn coding and programming by playing some coding games? Yes, certain games can help you learn to program. Today, if you learn to code well, then you are open to lots of career opportunities. Programming is highly demanded by organizations and businesses since they need someone to maintain their […]

How to Add Widgets on Your iPad in iPadOS 13

There is a new layout for your iPad’s home screen which has a widget feature. You can add a particular widget so that it can be available on your Home Screen. Here’s how to add widgets on your iPad in iPadOS 13. Steps to Add Widgets on Your iPad in iPadOS 13 •    Go to […]

How to Change Data from Rows to Columns in Excel

Most of the times you have to rebuild the Excel worksheet so that the rows are converted into columns and columns are converted into rows. If you copy and paste the data to rebuild the Excel table manually, then it will consume more time. In case you have a large data range, then it is […]

How to Install Kali Linux on a Chromebook

The operating system of Chromebook depends on the Linux kernel, but you may not be satisfied with it. In case you want to install an advanced version of Linux OS, then the Kali Linux is best for you. Here’s how to install Kali Linux on a Chromebook. Before you start installing Linux on a Chromebook, you […]

How to Find a P Value with Excel

You can calculate a P value in Microsoft Excel by using the T-Test function or the Data Analysis Tool. You can use Microsoft Excel 2010 for this procedure, and these steps are also the same for the newer versions. If you want to find a P value with Excel, then go through the instructions mentioned […]

How to Edit a Filter After Posting in Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media tool but it comes with certain flaws. Most of the people find it frustrating that this social network does not allow its users to edit a photo after posting. Follow some easy steps mentioned below to edit a filter after posting it on Instagram. Here’s How to Edit a […]

How to Use Unfold App for Instagram

By using Unfold application, you can change the Instagram stories and enhance them. This application helps you add different designs to the Instagram stories. The Unfold app offers multiple templates for Instagram stories. You can add the photo or video to the template and upload the story on your Instagram account. Here’s how to use […]

How to Watch Netflix on Kodi

There are many online streaming services, and it is difficult to find the best one. But you can use Kodi to move from one service to another. Kodi helps you to watch and play many media files from local folder and online. Many add-ons are released in Kodi and it can stream content from various […]