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How to download photos and gallery images from Twitter

Either you’re on the phone or a PC, you can download Photos and other pictures from Twitter. If you’re using an iPhone or Android on both, you can download the images from Twitter. If you want to download an image from tweets have more than one picture, then here you’ll also learn about that. Below […]

How to make and join group FaceTime calls on iOS

Up to 32 people can join a group FaceTime call either video or audio; it means you can talk with 31 other persons at a time. Like a normal FaceTime call, group FaceTime also supports both video and audio. You can create a group FaceTime call directly from the FaceTime app as well as begin […]

How to Record Samsung Galaxy Screen with Mobizen

Want to capture the task going on your Samsung Galaxy screen? You can record what is happening on the screen and watch it when you want. Many screen-recording apps are available on Google Play Store. And many of them are free to download. If you have a Samsung Galaxy. then with the Samsung Game Tools […]

Best Ways To Clear Memory And Increase Windows RAM

It gets a bit irritating whenever your system works slowly in this busy world. Go through this blog carefully to know about some top methods for clearing out old memory and boost the present RAM in a Windows system which is working slow. Some of the primary reasons behind the slow working of your system […]

How To Backup and Move iCal or Calendar To Mac?

If you are using Apple’s Calendar app, then you may have plenty of events for keeping a track on. Do you have a backup of this data? The process mentioned in this blog shall specify how to save every Calendar information into a single archive file. This process shall help do a backup or move […]

Pokemon GO: Confirmed Reappearance of Rayquaza in Upcoming Raid Battle

Niantic has finally confirmed that Pokemon GO fans would have a chance to grab on to the Rayquaza again. All those trainers who missed the opportunity of catching a Rayquaza and those who want to complete their Pokedex have a special event to look for. Niantic has announced that with the upcoming weekend trainers of […]

Battlefield 5: Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Footage Leaked

The latest video leak has brought across a new Firestorm mode in the Battlefield V. This firestorm mode is associated with currently trending battle royale online shooter game, and this new video leak has revealed such inclusion of battle royale style in the Battlefield 5. The latest video reveal has pointed out to various in-game […]

5 Sectors Being Transformed by AI in 2019

Have you watched an AI sci-fi movie and then wondered whether intelligent machines would take over the world? But such a day is possibly very far from today. According to AI think tanks, the future of AI relies on replicating our neural network. Such a development will foster the creation of Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) or […]

10 Best Kids Games For Android in 2019

It is a great relief for parents when kids are busy. And even kids are happy when they get to play. Playing not only increases the concentration power but it also encourages the level of activeness. Here are the best Android games available in 2019. The top kids games for Android users 1.    Bubadu It […]

How To View A Wi-Fi Password On iPhone?

Make sharing of your Wi-Fi password easy You should always prefer to make a note of your Wi-Fi password so that you can get it immediately whenever need it. If you are facing difficulty as the Wi-Fi password is not present before you on the screen, then do not worry about it. Go through this […]