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About Author: DEMDACO believes every product creates a conversation, every service creates a smile. DEMDACO hopes to participate in the meaningful moments of people’s lives. We don’t create these moments, we just hope to make them a little better. DEMDACO’s purpose statement is very simple: to pursue business the way it ought to be. We realize that this compass setting requires constant evaluation and calibration, and we realize that we fall short of our goal every day. But we’re committed to the notion that business does not have to be solely a financial endeavor. It is first, and foremost, a human endeavor. DEMDACO is your online source for wholesale home decor accessories and unique gifts at very competitive prices.

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Need a Cozy Sunday? Five Tips to Help You Relax

Sometimes you just need to kick your feet up, throw on a blanket, and read a good book on a lazy Sunday. It’s a great way to relax and prepare to face the work week ahead by taking an hour or two to pamper yourself. If you want to have the ultimate lazy Sunday morning, […]

Show Sisterly Love During the Month of Love

February, thanks to Valentine’s Day, is the month of love. It’s never a bad time to send a gift to your sister and show her familial love, reaffirming that special bond that only siblings can have. These gifts for sister are sure to surprise and delight her. A Warm Shawl While winter is quickly coming […]

Great Gift Ideas for When You’re Stumped and Don’t Know What to Get

Gifting has got a bad rap. Gift-giving can, and should, be fun for everyone, but sometimes you just get stumped. Will they like it? Does it send the wrong message? What do they even need that they don’t have already? When you don’t have all that long to plan it out, gifting can get a […]

Kitchen and Serving Essentials You Need for Your Spring Parties

With winter coming to a close and spring on the horizon, it’s time to start planning spring garden parties. If you don’t already have kitchen and serve ware essentials, which also make fantastic gifts for new homeowners, it’s the perfect time to stock up. Each of these will help elevate your spring party, impressing guests […]

Easy Gifts for Coworkers You Don’t Know Well

If you’ve recently begun a new job or moved to a new department, it can be difficult to become friends with new coworkers. Even when you’ve been working somewhere for a while, it can feel like you don’t have a lot of time to cultivate friendships, and having to start that process all over again […]

Fun and Distinctive Baby Gifts for New Parents

There’s not much more exciting than welcoming a new member of a loved one’s family into the world. As wonderful as a new birth is, knowing what to get the happy couple to commemorate one of the most important events of their life can be tough. It’s hard to know what they need, what they’ll […]

Surprise Your Wife with a Valentine’s Day Encore

Valentine’s Day is over, but you can still surprise your wife with gifts for a Valentine’s Day encore. If you aren’t sure what she would like as an encore, just think of gifts for wife for birthday, and choose something that would be similar to what you would get her then. If you still can’t […]

Treat Your Best Friend with a Gift on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17 and it’s the perfect time to give your friends a gift. Give them the type of best friend gifts birthday party attendees will be jealous they didn’t think of first, and you’ll have an appropriate “just because” gift. It can be functional or decorative but should be […]

Say “I Love You” with These Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Lady

Coming up with romantic gift ideas for your lovely wife’s birthday, or your anniversary, and let’s not forget Valentine’s Day, is a challenge that can be tough to get right every single time. But you know her better than anyone else, so you got this. With a bit of thought and imagination, you can find […]

Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Cherish All Year

With the holidays behind us, there are still plenty of occasions for generosity. Whether you’re in the market for birthday gifts or a dear friend just had a baby, finding the right gift they can appreciate all year might seem challenging. Some of the most cherished gifts are those that symbolize how much we care […]