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About Author: D&G Carpet Cleaning is founded on the belief that our customers' needs and requirements are of the greatest importance. Our entire team of specialists is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a big portion of our business is from repeat clients and referrals. D&G Carpet Cleaning is a family owned company based in New Orleans that provides a wide range of services to ensure your home get clean.

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Cleaning Benefits that You May Not Know

We have heard a lot about cleaning but still, at times we ignore it. Cleaning is very important and helps you in lots of different ways. It not only makes a place look beautiful but also can improve your productivity. Bad cleanliness practices can cause diseases and different kinds of bacterial infections. You can even […]

Steps to Prepare Your House for Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The holiday season is officially here and we assume that you might want to invite your friends and relatives to your house for a little party. Well, that’s a great idea because the holidays are all about meeting your loved ones. But don’t you think that having a strained carpet at the party might have […]

Get Prepared Before Carpet Cleaner Arrives

So, you have been planning to clean that costly carpet on your own, huh? Are you sure that you want to do that? Do you really want to drain yourself all the weekend by cleaning the carpet while your friends are out there enjoying their life? And most importantly, do you think that you can […]

D&G Carpet Cleaning: Your One-Stop Destination for Expert Rug Cleaning Services

Do you have rugs as a part of your interior décor in your house? If yes, you would have realized by now the challenge to keep the beautiful rug clean and up to the mark. You might have tried cleaning it with the tools you have but it just doesn’t get any better. You might […]

Book Carpet Cleaning Services with Finest Companies in New Orleans

When you look at the world around you, does it scare you? Not the people, not the changes in the society, but just the amount of virus, germs and bacteria present in the environment? We are sure the thought of it scares you, but think about what actually you are doing to protect you and […]

Hire Professionals for the Carpet Cleaning Work

Can we all just agree to one thing that no one really likes to clean the carpet? Well, of course, we like cleaned carpets but we just don’t want to do it ourselves. And there is nothing wrong in it because we are always busy and on weekends, cleaning carpets is the last thing that […]

D&G Carpet Cleaning: Book Carpet Cleaning Services at the Best Price

Each one of us has professional commitments due to which we fail to give enough time to the maintenance of the house. Due to lack of attention, what we don’t see is that our house has started to look dull and has lost the charm it had when you first moved in. If we observe […]

Things to Do Before and After Carpet Cleaning Company Arrives

No matter whether it is the wine stain or a coffee stain, if you don’t want to damage your favorite carpet, do not try to remove the stubborn stains on your own. Well, of course, you might save a few dollars initially if you don’t hire carpet cleaners but eventually you will have to pay […]

D&G Carpet Cleaning: Your One-Stop Destination for Professional Cleaning Services

Have you been planning for thorough cleaning of your house? If yes, you might have planned on removing the dust and cobwebs from the walls using a vacuum cleaner, wiping the floors, changing the covers of your pillows and duvets, and others. Of course, this will clean your house but only superficially. What about deep […]

D&G Carpet Cleaning: Your One-Stop Destination for Excellent Cleaning Services

Did you just renovate your kitchen or bedroom and installed new and posh tiles? If yes, then this post is for you. We assume that you might have spent a substantial amount of time and money to select the right tiles matching the style of your house. Have you ever thought about the amount of […]