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About Author: Dia adalyn is a software engineer for more than 5 years in a reputable company. She is a freelancer. She is well known for her content writing skills and knowledge.

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Become As Strong Contender In The Audio Based Social Media App With A Clubhouse Clone

Audio-based social media has become the talk of the town these days. It is also predicted that there are high chances of it acquiring the rest of the social media apps. Have you ever thought of making a mark in the audio-based app market with a strong application? You can also become a strong contender […]

Kickstart Your Ecommerce business with Appdupe’s Amazon Clone

There’re a lot of factors that influence the cost of development for an eCommerce app like Amazon is an app built to perfection for taking a huge step forward in how the general public views and accesses eCommerce platforms. There are several reasons why the Amazon app has generated billions of dollars in revenue through […]

Get Going In The Market With A Well-developed Multi-vendor Ecommerce Script

Ever since the global pandemic, people have become skeptical about stepping out for physical shopping. This has raised the temperature of the e-commerce business. People took a shift towards online shopping apps to purchase their products. The ever fruitful e-commerce industry has invited several entrepreneurs to enter the market in recent years.  Why will multi-vendor […]

Make An Alluring Entry Into The Ecommerce World With An Aliexpress Clone

Online shopping is the buzzword that has captivated millions of hearts in recent years. Whenever people get the idea to shop for things, online shopping is the only option that strikes their minds. This is the impact it has created among us. Entrepreneurs can foray into the ecommerce market with a robust application like AliExpress. […]

Take Over The Ecommerce Market With A Well-developed Amazon Clone

As individuals, we all are quite intrigued about shopping online. It gives us a whole different feeling of shopping from a comfort zone. This sphere created by us paved the way for the ecommerce market to boom. In this blog, let us discuss the facets of launching an ecommerce app like Amazon.  What is an […]

Clubhouse Clone – Become A Trendsetter In The Audio Based Social Media With A Well-crafted Solution

Audio-based social media apps are setting the trend among people. The clubhouse was the first to start this trend where people can interact with each other through audio notes. The huge success of Clubhouse has led several entrepreneurs to embark on the audio-based app trends.  This blog is exclusively for those entrepreneurs who are looking […]

Urban Company Clone – Launch An On-demand Multi-services App

The rise of mobile applications is one reason that has led to the foray of several on-demand services. We have already discussed quite a lot about different on-demand services like food delivery, taxi booking, grocery delivery, etc. There is another segment of apps called the multi-services app.  Urban company is a leading Indian marketplace offering […]

Club Factory Clone – How To Enter Into The Ecommerce Business With An App Like Club Factory?

Online shopping apps provide a whole new shopping experience to people. Just sitting on a couch and scrolling through the products and adding to the cart is quite an interesting thing to do. In fact, people got so used to the comfort and convenience of online shopping that they do not even want to prefer […]

Amazon Clone – Make A Dashing Entry Into The Ecommerce World With An App Like Amazon

Ecommerce apps have become an essential part of our shopping experience. With just a few taps, we could get whatever we wanted. Thanks to technology for giving us such a blissful experience to shop from our comfort zone. The success of ECommerce apps has influenced entrepreneurs to set their foot in the ECommerce market. This […]

Alibaba Clone – Become A Ecommerce Giant With An App Like Alibaba

Ecommerce apps have been a game-changer in recent years. Their success has led many entrepreneurs to try their best in the same. As a result, several e-commerce platforms came into existence. Now, you might be wondering about the standards and cost of developing a well-functioning e-commerce app. Well, we have shared our thoughts about developing […]